Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (2023)

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (1)

look atprice pageand complex marketing materialsSaaS productsThat might be confusing enough, but comparing two similar products is a real headache.

Which one do you choose?

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (2)

It's impossible to make a decision based on this information, feature list, and outdated reviews alone, especially when you have a very specific set of requirements.

After checking out the features of the major SEO tools, we decided to give it a try.Mozricewhat ifAt the same time, a comparable test is performed on the Medium and Standard plans.

What are our SEO requirements?

Litigation Streetis a young startup company focused on content. thanks for ourcontent marketing, we were able to grow the company through public relations, blog content, and guest posting—all without running out of money. Finding a robust tool to analyze the success of these efforts is imperative to reduce their unpredictability and shape our SEO strategy in the future.

Here are the tools we need:

Track keywords against SERPs.

Has a lot of content - on and off site - relative index rankingKey wordsThis is extremely important to us. That's because we don't just promote our own content, but anything that mentions us. We promote all guest posts, YouTube videos and articles on news sites.

once wecreate content, we operate with the keyword in mind. Of course, we check to see if we hit the target. not everyone? The problem is that ratings change over time. It may take a month or two for your content to start ranking for the keywords you want, and it may even appear on the first page for keywords you are not directly targeting. This is valuable information because you want to know the path your audience took before reaching your website.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (3)

High-quality keyword research.

For keyword research, I now usetrialPrepare mainly through extensive readingBrian Dean's Directory.The "meat" of this process isGoogle Keyword PlannerAs Brian often points out, he has a vivid imagination. Sometimes keyword research can take longer than necessary, so ideally the tools we use should be similar to GKP with common sense.

This way we can replace half of the process (which involves several tedious steps) with a more complete solution.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (4)

On-page optimization analysis.

To make sure we're on the right track, we want to make sure that's true when we assume we've fully optimized the page for a given keyword. It would be an added bonus to get keyword suggestions that best match your content or landing pages from within the tool.

Basically, we need a tool that tells us where we are, and where we should be going.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (5)

follow our backlinks

Tracking your website's leads allows you to capitalize on opportunities for more promotions and from "bad neighbor' before they hurt your site's rankings. Both Moz and Ahrefs offer great tools for tracking backlinks, but Moz focuses on who linked you (and offers more limited filters), while Ahrefs shows who linked and the overall trend, in the dashboard Shown as a graph above.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (6)

spying on competitors

We want to know how our competitors are performing, and more importantly, where they get their backlinks from and what keywords they rank for. Ahrefs determines who your competitors are and can get a huge list of all the keywords that your competitors pages are ranking for. Moz makes it easy to determine the authority of these sites by showing how likely you are to rank at the top.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (7)

Bring in new content ideas

Finding inspiration for content is something I'm selfishly excited about. Both Moz and Ahrefs have features that find the most popular content on any topic, bringing you verified titles and topics people want to read. Even the most popular content on the web is not exhaustive, so using this as research, you can write articles that resonate with your audience and add value.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (8)

How do Moz and Ahrefs meet our needs?

To test both tools, I compared our requirements to what the software does (rather than what seems likely in the landing page copy).

While Moz and Ahrefs are similar, the exact details of what they do are very different, as is the amount of data each can collect. See how they compare:

Track page rank on and off your site

Specifically, we want to see the keywords our content ranks for, whether they are on our domain or not. unfortunately we foundNeither Moz nor Ahrefs can achieve the scale we need.

However, there are several alternatives we can use in both tools.

Ahrefs Project Explorer

Ahrefs Rank Explorer allows you to check an exact domain, subdomain or URL to see how it ranks in Google. When we put process.st into Rank Explorer, it lists over 94,000 keywords we're scoring, including search volume and competition. You can export the file as .csv for actual analysis.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (9)

But what about guest posts or mentions on other domains? Unfortunately, Ahrefs can only do one thing at a time. It would be wrong to say he can't do it, but he does see it as a responsibility.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (10)

Moz Rank Report

As for Moz, they don't have a tool that can compete with Ahrefs' Positions Explorer.There is no way to give Moz a URL and get a list of keywords it ranks for.However, Moz takes a more targeted and less comprehensive approach to tracking its rankings. It can match your domain to a list of targeted keywords and generate a ranking report.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (11)

This means you can see how you're doing by giving Moz a list of all the keywords you're targeting in each blog post, and then comparing that to your rankings. Results can be downloaded as a CSV file or available from the dashboard.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (12)

While Ahrefs can (slowly and painfully) collect keyword ranking data from third-party domains, Moz cannot. This gives Ahrefs an edge over Moz in terms of this feature, especially since Ahrefs can also generate ranking reports in the same way as Moz.

Quickly find high-quality keywords

Both Moz and Ahrefs have built-in keyword tools. Moz has a keyword difficulty tool, and Ahrefs has a keyword explorer. They're very different, and each has great features, but which one finds the best new keywords?

Moz Keyword Difficulty Checker

Keyword Difficulty Checker doesn't do keyword research, but it can help you narrow down your list of potential keywords. This tool is especially useful to me because I used to do it the "old fashioned" way, by googling my terms and enabling MozBar to snoop around in PA/DA. Using Keyword Difficulty, I can enter a list of up to 20 keywords and get all their PA/DA scores (and how hard they will be to beat) with just one click.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (13)

To get a better idea of ​​your chances of ranking for a given term, you can run a SERP Analysis report and see exactly which pages you come across and how trustworthy they are.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (14)

If I target "saas price", if I have 2 backlinks and DA is greater than 36.3, I will have a chance to rank 2nd. Looks promising!

Ahref Keyword Explorer

The Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool is used to narrow down your keyword set to keywords that you have a chance to rank for, while the Ahref Keyword Explorer is used to generate new keywords. By giving an initial keyword, it provides a list of synonyms and related terms with their quantities.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (15)

Compare this to the old faithful tool (Google Keyword Planner) and you'll see that Ahrefs delivers much more targeted and relevant results:

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (16)

All in all, both Moz and Ahrefs have great keyword research tools, but are best used together. If I had to flag one as more useful than the other, I'd say Moz's Keyword Difficulty would save me a lot of time checking PA/DA, so it's the most valuable tool.

Page optimization analysis

There's a ton of content out there that can teach you how to optimize your pages to increase your chances of ranking, but how do you know if you're doing it right? When checking how optimized a page is, there are many factors to consider. Of the two tools tested here, only Moz has the ability to see how well your pages are optimized. It also provides more information on how to improve the content, which is a way to develop good habits.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (17)

In the example I tried, the page got a perfect score, which means nooptimizationis required. I went back to some old posts we made before the actual SEO process to see what kind of guidance he could give me.

Find an old post from an earlier blog and see how it matches the keyword"business process management'.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (18)

Moz rated the site a B and has some tips on how to increase its visibility:

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (19)

Ahrefs has no way to fix this, but I forgive you.

Backlink Tracking

Is your SEO strategy working? So, how many backlinks do you have? If you don't know, tools like Moz and Ahrefs can give you a detailed overview of everything.

Without SEO tools like these two, there's not much you can do other than Google your own keywords and see if they come up. This kind of work can quickly become redundant and tedious, so to understand how your SEO strategy is performing, you need something more powerful.

Moz open web browser

Moz Open Site Explorer helps you research backlinks, find link building opportunities and remove bad neighbor links. If you want to quickly see how many backlinks you (or your competitors) have, OSE Moz can fetch them instantly (though the metrics are very different from Ahrefs).

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (20)

Listing your site's domain in OSE displays a list of backlinks, sorted by authority. Here, I've filtered them to show only the following backlinks:

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (21)

If you want to see the newest backlinks instead of the most trusted (and maybe contact the author and build a relationship), you can use Just Discovered. However, it seems to be showing me something from 2014...

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (22)

Ahrefs Web Browser

One big difference between Moz and Ahrefs becomes apparent when counting backlinks. As you can see in the Moz OSE screenshot above, Moz found a total of 1,320 links to the main Process Street URL. However, Ahrefs found 35,300!

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (23)

I contactedsupportFinding out why this is happening, Moz says it's a difference in the algorithm and the various tools they use behind the scenes. Ahrefs said the same, but they probably found us more backlinks becauseAhrefs maLargest active backlink base.

A handy feature of Ahrefs Site Explorer is the ability to display only main reference content. If you guest post frequently, you can see which site provides the most reliable backlinks and plan bettercontent strategy.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (24)

eavesdropping on competitors

To spy on your competitors and stay ahead, you first need to know who they are. competitor analysis isone of the founding elementsAs with any SEO strategy, Moz and Ahrefs do it well, but in different ways. Here are the tools provided by each tool:

Moz Keyword Difficulty Checker

This tool is not a starting point for competitor analysis, but a tool to use at the end of the process. That's because it can't know who your top keyword competitors are, and it can't tell you much about them, but it can tell you how hard it is to beat them.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (25)

A search for "workflow software" using the Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool shows us a set of competitors, as well as some generic and non-competitive domains. Highlighted in green is position 4 for that keyword - a page with 1 backlink on a domain with less authority than ours. This tells me that with some work we can get to position 4 on this page as well.

Keyword difficulty is useful as the final step in the keyword research process because it tells you whether you've selected keywords that are already used by real estate on the web, or if you can easily beat your competitors.

Ahrefs Project Explorer

Position Explorer shows the top 10 competitors and lets you check all the keywords they rank for. If you know you have a competitor with lower domain authority, you can use Rank Explorer to find out what keywords your competitor is ranking for on the first page. With a little creativity and writing skills later on, you'll not only gain more popularity, but more popularity than youcompetitors (Significant differences! ).

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (26)

Sites listed as our competitors have built similar software to ours, so viewing their organic keywords in Positions Explorer shows metrics like this:

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (27)

This is a feature Moz lacks that makes Ahrefs invaluable for SERP data, whether it's yours or your competitors'.

generate ideas for new content

Sites like BuzzSumo are great for finding buzz in your niche, but if you're going to pay for an SEO tool, you'll want to have it built in as a feature to avoid paying for two similar services. Moz and Ahrefs show trending content metrics for any keyword, but which is the best?

Devil's Claw Content

Moz Content is a separate product from Moz Pro, and we have limited access to it without paying. Still, we can learn a lot about the power of the free version.

You may see more results when you search for keywords in niches that your audience is interested inRecent Popular Postsin this niche market. Here's an example of the "task management" keyword:

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (28)

As you can see, people in this space are writing about to-do list apps and task management systems. There are a lot of links to these pages, so you can assume there is a demand for it.

Moz Content also enables you to audit your existing content to see what has worked best in the past and understand what to write next.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (29)

How does Ahrefs connect?

Ahrefs Content Browser

Content Explorer is very similar to Moz Content, but built into the Ahrefs platform. It's not a standalone product that costs at least $59 per month, but it also doesn't have content moderation.

Here are the results of a search for "job management" in Content Explorer:

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (30)

Not only did I get all 96,041 results, but they also seemed more interesting and relevant, with some posts getting thousands of shares and hundreds of backlinks than Moz's meager selection.

For further analysis, I can quickly download the first 1000 results and download them as a CSV file. This is great for data-driven content that involves looking at the most popular keywords in headlines or figuring out which headline formulas have the most shares.

Ahrefs vs. Moz: The Ultimate Clash of SEO Tools | Craft Street | Checklists, Workflows, and SOP Software (31)

I would choose Ahrefs over Moz when it comes to content ideas because you get more money for your money and the search is more relevant.

Moz vs Ahrefs: Which one will we choose?

As I said at the beginning, we were looking for a tool that would help us in 6 areas. I'll now summarize the 6 areas and tell you which tool I think "wins" in each area:

SERP Tracking for URLs and Keywords:hands down, that's itwhat if.Even if you can't mass search guest post rankings, neither can Moz.

Find quality keywords:This roundup has been updated since it was first published in 2016; at the time, we felt that the lack of keyword difficulty on Ahrefs made Moz a more valuable tool. However, Ahrefs has greatly improved Keyword Explorer since then and now surpasses Moz. Ahrefs provides richer data with metrics such as estimated backlink rank, cost-per-click, and traffic breakdown by country. another pointwhat if.

Page optimization analysis:Since Moz is the only one of the two that offers on-page optimization,Mozis the winner here.

Backlink Tracking:Without a doubt, the best tool for building backlinks is Ahrefs. Comparing Moz's backlink data to Ahrefs, it's clear that Moz doesn't have as much data, which makes the decision less thoughtful. gowhat if

Look at competitors:While Ahrefs isn't a tool specifically designed to collect competitor data, it does a good job at it. Rank Explorer (star of the show) shows the top 10 competitors for each search domain and lets you see all the terms they rank for and where they rank. While Moz's Keyword Difficulty Checker provides great insight, Positions Explorer takes awaywhat ifTops in this category. again.

Generate ideas for new content:forContent Creativity. Integrated Content Explorerwhat ifIt's more powerful (for the reasons I need it) and cheaper than Moz Content (starting at $59 per month). While the content moderation provided by Moz Content is helpful, I'll continue to test the free version to see if I think it's worth the full price as my blog and business grow.

Do you use Moz or Ahrefs? Let me know your thoughts and why you picked them in the comments below! 🙂

If you've made it this far, I think you'll also enjoy future content on our blog. Use the box below to sign up to receive content via email twice a week.


What is the difference between Ahref and Moz? ›

Reasons to use Ahrefs instead of Moz

Its domain analysis tools are easier to use and more comprehensive, giving you organic traffic and traffic value estimates that are not available from Moz. While Moz only provides keyword research data for Google, Ahrefs provides it for 10 different search engines.

Is Moz good for SEO? ›

Moz is definitely a great SEO tool that can help you grow your website traffic.

Is Ahrefs a good SEO tool? ›

The quick verdict. Ahrefs is one of the most fully-featured SEO tools available. Unlike its key competitors it works with multiple search engines, and the data it gives you for backlink building and keyword research is comprehensive and easy to understand.

Is Moz or Semrush better? ›

The quick verdict

It also gives you data from more search engines than Semrush (although it has to be said that this data is quite limited). Overall, given that it simply gives you much more 'bang for the buck' than Moz, Semrush is the clear winner in this shootout.

What are the advantages of using Ahrefs? ›

Benefits of Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a complete SEO tools suite that provides keyword research, backlinks analysis, rank tracking, and site crawl. It's the only SEO tool that consistently estimates traffic from webpages and includes that metric in all its views.

What is Moz best at? ›

Moz pro is the best tool for SEO

Moz's SERP checker and site auditing functions are very popular because they work very well. It is also very easy to differentiate spammy sites by using their spam score tool.

Which SEO tool is most accurate? ›

18 Best SEO Tools that SEO Experts Actually Use in 2022
  • Google Trends: SEO Checker Tool.
  • SEOQuake: Free SEO Tools.
  • Siteliner: SEO Analysis Tool.
  • Fat Rank: SEO Tools.
  • Keywords Everywhere: SEO Keyword Tool.
  • Screaming Frog: SEO Tools Online.
  • Serpstat: All-in-one SEO platform.
  • Bonus Tool: Incognito.
Mar 18, 2022

Which SEO company is best? ›

Top 10 SEO Services Providers
  • WebFX.
  • DashClicks.
  • Netpeak.
  • SmartSites.
  • Screaming Frog Services.
  • OpenMoves.
  • KlientBoost.
  • Adit.
6 days ago

Which domain is best for SEO? ›

8+ Best Domain Name Extensions
  1. 1. .com. This one is a no-brainer. ...
  2. 2. . blog. ...
  3. 3. . co. ...
  4. 4. .io. Once country-specific, referring to the BIOT, or the British Indian Ocean Territory, the . ...
  5. 5. . net. ...
  6. 6. . org. ...
  7. 7. . tv. ...
  8. 8. . us.
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What is the best automated SEO reports tool? ›

The 10 Best SEO Dashboard Software Summary
1DashThis Reporting dashboard with 34+ integrations and ecommerce report templates
2SE Ranking SEO reporting tool with a wide selection of customizable reports and dashboards
3Klipfolio 400+ metrics and visualizations for hundreds of data sources
7 more rows
May 10, 2023

How do I choose the best SEO tool? ›

Keyword Research Tools
  1. The monthly search volume of the keyword on Google.
  2. The cost-per-click for the keyword on Google Adwords.
  3. The SEO competition for the keyword in Google's organic search engine rankings.

How do I choose a SEO tool? ›

A good SEO tool should allow you to view the domain authority and page authority of a given webpage. They describe the authority of a given site, and you can analyze the results for each page separately. Domain and page authority inform you about your chances of appearing high on Google Search.

Is Moz worth it? ›

It's a great option as an all-in-one SEO solution for smaller businesses, as it covers everything from technical SEO to link building. Overall, Moz Pro covers the core areas of SEO well, without delving into areas such as blogger outreach, content marketing, or paid search marketing.

Which tool is better to use in SEO Ahrefs or Semrush? ›

Overall, I have to say that Semrush wins this feature battle by a hair. Ahrefs may have a cleaner overall UI. But Semrush just gives you lots more data (both SEO and PPC), which makes it a more well-rounded keyword tool.

Who owns Moz SEO? ›

Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig founded SEOMoz in 2004 and rebranded to Moz in 2013. It investors include the Foundry Group and Ignition Partners. The company hosts a website that includes an online community of more than one million globally based digital marketers and marketing related tools.

Is Ahrefs or Semrush more accurate? ›

Both Ahrefs and Semrush are actually evenly matched in terms of accuracy, but Semrush has a slight edge because it refreshes more frequently. Ahref and Semrush's data generally match and even out, but Semrush will give you visibility into virtually real-time changes.

What is different between Ahrefs and Semrush? ›

Both Semrush and Ahrefs allow you to enter a domain name and get a list of all the backlinks to it. While Ahrefs helps analyze backlinks, Semrush outperforms it in all three categories: backlink database size, backlink reports and tools, and backlink auditing and building. It makes Semrush a better option to consider.

How to use Ahrefs to improve SEO? ›

Here's how to do that in Ahrefs:
  1. Paste the URL of your page into Ahrefs' Site Explorer.
  2. Go to the Content Gap report.
  3. Paste in the URLs of two to three similar top-ranking pages.
  4. Click Show keywords.
Feb 28, 2022

How many competitors can you track on Moz? ›

True Competitor identifies the top 500 ranking keywords for your domain, and from there analyzes those 500 SERPs. An analysis of those SERPs reveals a list of the top domains that are also ranking for those keywords, allowing us to surface to you the top 25 competitors you share SERP real estate with.

Who is best Google business profile expert? ›

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  • localseo_ Level 2 Seller 5.0 (279) ...
  • g_rasoolanjum.

Is Moz free? ›

Free Trial Subscription Level

When you sign up for the free trial of Moz Pro, you'll be given free access to a Medium plan.

What is the #1 SEO technique that is currently getting the best results? ›

1. Use Keywords In The Right Places. You probably already know that you should add keywords to pages that you want to rank. But where you use your keywords is just as important as how many times you use them.

Does Google have an SEO checker? ›

Search Console is a tool from Google that helps developers, website owners, and SEO professionals understand how their site is performing on Google Search.

What is the most preferred search engine? ›

Google. With over 85% of the search market share, Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine. Additionally, Google captures almost 95% of mobile traffic.

What is the largest SEO company in the US? ›

First Page Sage

Who is the best SEO expert in the world? ›

1. Rand Fishkin. Rand Fishkin is an American entrepreneur, speaker, author, and former CEO of Moz and one of the industry's most well-known and respected SEO experts. Rand has authored white papers about SEO and digital marketing, and his blog, SparkToro, is read by thousands of people each week.

Is having two domains bad for SEO? ›

Instead of ranking with just one domain, you can rank with multiple domains. This increases the chances that a user will click on a result that links to a site you own. It's a bit of an outside-the-box SEO strategy. Most site owners focus on ranking specific pages.

Does Google prefer .com domains? ›

Another much simpler way to confirm Google's stance on new TLDs is to notice that they own and use many like https://abc.xyz/, https://docs.new, and https://domains.google. In other words, .com domains do not rank higher in search due to their TLD.

Does my domain name matter for SEO? ›

Does domain name matter for SEO? A domain name's length, keywords, and extension are critical components of an SEO strategy. A trustworthy, focused, and simple domain name will get more traffic and interest from people and search engines.

Which is the best SEO tool for 2023? ›

Best SEO Software 2023
  • Ahrefs: Overall Best Overall All-in-One SEO Tool.
  • Semrush: Best for Power Users.
  • KWFinder: Best Value.
  • WooRank: Best for User-Friendliness.
  • BrightLocal: Best for Local SEO.

What is advanced SEO tools? ›

Advanced SEO refers to a set of techniques that require a deeper understanding of SEO, search engine algorithms, and marketing technology. These tactics and strategies go beyond SEO basics and can give you an edge over your competitors.

Are paid SEO tools worth it? ›

In-Depth Analysis

These will provide you with a complete analysis of your website's SEO metrics and their performance. Especially if you use the paid versions, like the one Semrush offers, you will get hold of several valuable insights. This makes paid SEO tools highly beneficial and certainly worth the investment.

What are your top 5 SEO recommendations? ›

The 5 SEO Recommendations That Matter in the End
  • Structured data matters. The short explanation of why structured data is helpful is that it tells crawlers what there is within your page. ...
  • Page freshness. ...
  • Internal linking (still matters) ...
  • Title tags. ...
  • Obtain backlinks.
Mar 26, 2019

How much SEO tools cost? ›

SEO software for keyword rank tracking costs between $500–$4,500 per month depending on the number of keywords tracked, and rates for consultants fall between $500–$3,000 for a monthly retainer.

How do I know if my SEO company is good? ›

Signs Your SEO Firm is Helping You
  1. They Focus on Your Site Content. Instead of mindlessly spamming the internet with crummy, keyword-stuffed content and spammy links, a good website focuses on quality content and becoming an authority. ...
  2. They Provide Work Reports. ...
  3. You See a Boost in Rankings, Traffic or Leads.
Jan 5, 2019

Can SEO make you millionaire? ›

SEO can be extremely lucrative—but it does take time, effort, and a bucketload of determination to make the big bucks. It's worth remembering that the people making the most money in SEO are not always the most well-versed technical SEOs. Crucially, however, they know how to leverage their skills to make money.

How long does it take Moz to crawl a site? ›

Most crawls take a few minutes to 1 hour to complete, but actual time may vary depending on the nature of the site. A crawl can take up to 24 hours after they are requested to complete depending on the responsiveness of the site.

How many users does Moz have? ›

Over 500,000 businesses — from small to enterprise — use Moz.

Which tool is a highly recommended SEO plugin for WordPress? ›

To many, Yoast is the absolute best SEO plugin for WordPress, powering many of the big sites you visit all the time. Once you set up Yoast on your site, it includes everything you need to optimize your site for SEO, including content optimization to redirect management, SERP previews, XML sitemap creation, and more.

What is better then Semrush? ›

SpyFu is a powerful Semrush alternative, which offers you a wide range of SEO tools to improve your ranking on search engine results. It is costly and best suited for enterprise operations and not small startups. Features: Keyword research.

How to use Ahrefs for content marketing? ›

How to market them
  1. Go to Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer.
  2. Enter one or a few relevant keywords.
  3. Go to the Matching terms report.
  4. In the Include filter, add list-based keywords like “ideas, tips, tools, things, strategies, tactics, list”
May 12, 2023

Which is the largest SEO company in the world? ›

Being the top SEO Company in the world, SEO Discovery always uses Google Analytics to track the progress of your SEO campaign, detect issues with increased visibility and provide data-driven local SEO suggestions to improve your campaigns.

Is Moz a good SEO tool? ›

SEMrush and Moz are the two top-notch SEO tools in the digital industry that help perform competitive analysis, keyword research, and overall search engine optimization. These popular tools help advance your business on digital platforms.

What is the difference between Moz page authority and Domain Authority? ›

Whereas Page Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of a single page, Domain Authority measures the strength of entire domains or subdomains. The metrics are, however, calculated using the same methodology — so in many ways, they're more alike than they are different.

What is the function of Moz? ›

MOZ, a transcriptional co-activator

Besides its activity as an HAT, MOZ acts as a co-activator for several DNA-binding transcription factors, particularly with haematopoietic specificity, such as acute myeloid leukaemia/Runt-related transcription factor 1 (AML1/RUNX1),11,22 Mixed Lineage Leukaemia 1 (MLL1)23 and PU.

What does Moz Domain Authority mean? ›

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to greater likelihood of ranking.

What is Moz local used for? ›

Moz Local is an automated listing management tool with active and continuous syncing of location data to our partner directories. The primary purpose of Moz Local is to positively affect your visibility on Google by enabling you to publish location data and maintain its consistency in bulk.

What is the best page authority? ›

A good Page Authority is a score that approaches 100. While it's easy to change a score from 20 to 30, it's much harder to increase the PA from 70 to 80.

Is Page authority more important than Domain Authority? ›

Additionally, Domain Authority puts a greater emphasis on on-page SEO, whereas Page Authority doesn't take on-page SEO, like keyword usage and content optimization, into account at all. When used hand-in-hand, these two rankings can provide a lot of useful information about your domain's and page's SEO.

Where does Moz get its data? ›

Moz's Link Index Crawler

Our Link index data is gathered by crawling and indexing links, just like Googlebot does to populate Google's search results. This data allows us to understand how Google rankings work and calculate metrics like Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Who owns Moz? ›

Moz was founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004.

How do I track keywords in Moz? ›

Head to the Rankings section in your Moz Pro Campaign. Scroll down to the Tracked Keywords Overview. Select keywords using the checkbox on the left.

How many backlinks should a website have? ›

A website should have 40 to 50 backlinks to the homepage and 0 to 100 backlinks to each individual web page to be competitive for SEO. However, the PageRank scores of those backlinks are important because the higher their value, the fewer links are needed to boost overall rankings.

Can I use Moz for free? ›

Yes! Once you sign up for a Moz Pro free trial, you will be able to use the Moz Q&A forum to ask questions to the Moz community. Additionally, you have access to any free courses in Moz Academy, such as '30 Days of SEO' and 'How to Use Moz Pro'.

Is Moz tool free? ›

Free Local SEO Tools That Belong in Your Kit : This post is a goldmine of local SEO tools, and all of them are 100% free.

Is Moz easy to use? ›

The Moz link building suite is easy to use, but has a steeper learning curve for novices than Keyword Explorer. Moz has developed a number of proprietary metrics, including Domain Authority and Page Authority, which may be unfamiliar to new users.


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