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Equinox Gyms is the perfect place for anyone looking for convenience while still getting the quality workout experience they deserve. With 36 unique locations across the country, there's always one near you no matter where you live or work, and they offer a variety of different class options, perfect if you like to work out. However, some people consider this to be the best gym chain in the USA.How much does the Equinox subscription cost?

How much does an Equinox subscription cost?

The price you would pay for the subscription is influenced by a few factors such as: B. the number of people joining you, the type of membership and the exact location.

The Equinox subscription fee starts at$ 200and go up the stairs$ 300, while the monthly subscription fee will be everywherebetween $168 and $230. Those looking to sign up for a full year with an e-subscription at any of the Equinox gyms should be prepared to get more than26.000 $from your pockets.

See the table below for pricing in some locations for different types of membership plans.

LocationOffer price (per month)
cume– $156 just for access to the Summit venue
– $235 for access to all clubs in the United States
sports club– $240 for access to sports club venue only
– $290 for access to all clubs worldwide
Palo Alto– $203 for Palo Alto website access only
– $225 for access to all clubs in Northern California
– $235 for access to all clubs in the United States
Hochlandpark– $162 for access to the Highland Park location only
– $175 for access to all clubs in the Dallas area
– $235 for access to all clubs in the United States
Darien– $135 for Darien Equinox site access only
– $235 for access to all clubs in the United States
Coral Gables– $165 just to access the Coral Gables location
– $185 for access to all Florida area clubs
– $235 for access to all clubs in the United States
chestnut hill– $175 just for access to the Chestnut Hill location
– $200 for access to all clubs in the Boston area
– $235 for access to all clubs in the United States
betesday– $156 for access to the Bethesda location only
– $195 for access to all clubs in greater D.C.
– $235 for access to all clubs in the United States

Additional Equinox pricing information

As you may know, Equinox is considered one of the luxury/premium gyms. Therefore, it is not surprising that the expenses to enjoy the luxurious facilities are above average. After all, you're paying more to ensure you're working out in a comfortable environment.

As a general rule of thumb, expect the basic Equinox subscription cost to be around$170 per month. The downside to this type of membership is that you are only eligible to join one of the Equinox clubs. While you can usually take advantage of all the benefits available at the club of your choice, it's always a good idea to call Equinox and discuss what you're really getting with a basic membership before becoming a paying member. This is because there are some gyms that have strange policies.

You also have a second option when it comes to Equinox gyms, and that is the full access membership to multiple clubs. this is getting closer$235 plus tax per month. This is the kind of membership that is worthwhile for those who travel a lot for work or pleasure. There is also an initiation fee if you opt for the multi-club access membership, which will beabout $100.

You could also commit to an annual subscription to Equinox, which would cost around$3,000 for access to multiple clubs, Γ–$2,250 for a single club membership.

Both plans allow you to enjoy all the facilities and benefits of the gym. These facilities often include kickboxing rings, swimming pools, massages, pilates, yoga facilities, fitness classes, etc.

For example, clubs with lots of facilities may have different policies about what you can use and when.

There are also some Equinox clubs, mainly in the New York area, that have plans called super premium membership plans, with prices of up to$500 per month. As you would expect, by paying a higher price, you also get better service and facilities.

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When it comes to these more luxurious clubs, you need to contact the team directly and ask about the final price and what you get for the membership fee.

Another thing to be prepared for is the annual increases in monthly fees. They will attribute this increase to things like inflation. So before you join the club you should make sure you have all the details like B. annual contribution increases or other fees such. B. the cancellation fee, please read and understand.

But since we're talking about cancellations, you should know that most of the time Equinox doesn't charge you if you want to do that. However, they still require you to request to cancel at least 45 days before the date you want to end your membership. In short, it takes at least 45 days for aRequest to cancel your Equinox membershipcomplete.

When it comes to freezing membership, you should know that you can do it without incurring additional costs. It is important that the blocking request is made 5 days before the end of the month so that the subscription can be suspended for the following month.

Keep in mind these are the average price ranges you would find on Equinox. The actual membership price for the gym you choose may vary by location.

Equinox Gym membership details

You can find an Equinox gym almost anywhere in the US, including Vancouver, London or Toronto. Each of these places offers its members some of the best facilities like saunas or swimming pools.whirlpools.

You may also be interested in our articles on the cost of membership onState high school,New York Athletic Club, or the cost of aPersonal Trainer Fitness19.

A limited number of group courses are available at each of these different locations. Members can pre-book the class or simply show up, whichever is needed, and both options can be accessed through their app.

As of this writing, there are many classes to choose from that will take you out of your comfort zone. For example, in the Pure Strength class, you will lift weights for an hour. Plus other Equinox classes like dance, yoga, kickboxing, studio cycling, spinning and pilates. All of this is available around the clock, with limited downtime between sessions.

The gym has all the amenities needed for a complete workout. Free weights, state-of-the-art cardio machines and juice bars are just some of the things this facility has in store for its members. There is also a nursery for those who don't have someone to take care of their children while they practice sports.

New Equinox members at this pricey gym usually get a free workout, some guest passes, and/or massage sessions. These depend on the action being performed at that time.

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What are the additional costs?

Equinox subscription cost - 2023 - The price (1)Although$ 750per year benefits from the laundry service and has its own fixed changing room.

equinoxIt also offers a range of spa services, from face and eyelash extensions to teeth whitening and waxing, as well as a steam room. Their prices range from$ 76- $ 151depending on the service you go.

If your contract is terminated early, there will be a cancellation fee, which can often exceed$ 200That means you need to make sure you're engaged year-round if you sign up for this type of membership.

As you begin your fitness journey, you won't regret investing in a personal trainer. An excellent training program with the help of an expert allows for optimal results and satisfaction. In this case, you must consider the additional costs.

important things to consider

Eucalyptus Cool Cooling Towels are available from Equinox Gyms to help you cool off after an intense workout.

How can I save money by joining Equinox?

According to most members, the admission fee is always discounted or even reduced$ 0when negotiating with a representative at the registry. As the pricing is fixed per month, it would be a good idea to see if you can get discounted subscription fees.

The gym isn't cheap, but it might be worth the price. You can do a lot of research online to find out more about what you want in your workout routine and compare prices to what other gyms would charge before making your decision.

Do you have an employer that offers a gym discount? If so, ask to make use of it. You can also find out whether or not the gym accepts corporate discounts from employers like yours.

One way to find out if this luxury gym is right for you before becoming a full member is to take advantage of the free trial offer available in many places.


How much does it cost to join Equinox?

The typical admission fee for joining Equinox is $100.Keep in mind that they offer various promo codes during different promotional periods; so don't be shy about asking for discounts and looking for great deals.

During certain discount periods, you can even get an Equinox subscription without paying an initiation fee. On New Year's Eve, summer, winter, holidays or other special occasions, you are more likely to get discounts.


How much does Equinox cost per month?

Equinox typically charges a monthly fee of around $170 for single club access or around $235 for multiple club access.

Please note that these prices may vary depending on location and time of year. For example, you won't find an Equinox club in New York City that charges less than $200 for single club membership and $280 for multi-club membership.

How much does an Equinox Plus subscription cost?

As long as you're willing to pay $40 a month, you can purchase Equinox Plus membership.

How much does Equinox Digital cost?

Equinox digital subscription price is included$39.99 per month.

How much is Equinox All Access?

Membership with access to all Equinox Clubs costs approx.$235 per month.

How much is Equinox in New York per month?

Joining an Equinox gym in New York is a little more expensive, as is everything in larger cities.

So be prepared for prices in the area$ 205for access to a single club and$ 275to gain access to various clubs by joining an Equinox athletic club in New York City. And keep in mind that there are some clubs that also have bigger plans called premium plans that come with a price.$500 or more per month.

How much is Equinox San Francisco?

Equinox clubs in San Francisco vary in prices, although most of them charge around$ 200. This fee allows you to visit only one club, as access to multiple clubs would be more expensive.

How much does an Equinox subscription cost in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles,Equinox subscription costsIt starts at around $200 for single club access and $275 for multi club access. As in other big cities, these prices may vary by club.

How much does a personal trainer at Equinox cost?

You'll find incredible personal training facilities at most Equinox clubs, so of course you'll also find highly qualified trainers to guide you through your personal training sessions.

While you can find close guidance from professional trainers at most clubs at no additional cost, individuals can also get a dedicated personal trainer.

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And considering this is a luxury gym, the cost of the personal trainer at Equinox is also significant, usually around the corner.$100 for each session.

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