Free YouTube Video Description Generator - Copy Thousands of YouTube Video Descriptions (2023)

Create YouTube video descriptions with our YouTube video description generator and find tips for writing great YouTube video descriptions in this guide.

Copy and paste YouTube instructions:

Here are some video description templates in different styles inspired by some of YouTube's most successful channels.

Intro style:

Many YouTubers choose an introductory style to describe all of their videos. With this description, the YouTuber starts with a very basic introduction in a friendly way. The template is as follows:

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to show you how to [topic]. Watch more to learn more about [topic] and don't forget to like and subscribe this video! {Merch URL}🎙️Listen to my podcast: {podcast URL}Join my Patreon channel: {patreon URL}📸Add me on Instagram: {Instagram URL}🐦Add me on Twitter: {Twitter URL}📕On Facebook Add me: {Facebook URL}👻Add me on Snapchat:{Snapchat URL}🧑‍💼Add me on LinkedIn:{LinkedIn URL}[Write at least 3 videos explaining you][Write a paragraph about your channel or add Warning if you use affiliate links]

Here are some of my favorite YouTube tools:

Direct style:

Most YouTubers like to be straight to the point and describe their point of view straight to the point. This style also ensures that your videos have a high engagement rate. The model is as follows:

[Add a catchy title here. You can use ourYouTube Video Title Generator]

In this video, I'll be showing [topic]. How [theme] is understood by all [audiences (e.g. designers, retailers, etc.)] is critical. From [subtopic] to [subtopic], you will find here [What will happen to the result? ]. Want more? Check out my [name of article/tutorial/course with link] Here's what you'll see in this video: [Add a partial timestamp to your video] Follow me: Website/Blog: {Website URL} Shop my goodies! {merch URL} Podcast: {podcast URL}Patreon Channel: {patreon URL}Instagram: {Instagram URL}Twitter: {Twitter URL}Facebook: {Facebook URL}Snapchat: {Snapchat URL}LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL} [here Add more information about your channel here]
Get my message [add your course/product/promotion here] [limited time/free/hurry up, sell out soon] ►[add link of your course/product/promotion here] want more many? Check out my [linked article/tutorial/course name] to make sure you get notified: 👕Buy the product! {Merch URL}🎙️Listen to my podcast: {podcast URL}Join my Patreon channel: {patreon URL}📸Add me on Instagram: {Instagram URL}🐦Add me on Twitter: {Twitter URL}📕On Facebook Add me: {Facebook URL} 👻Add me on Snapchat: {Snapchat URL} 🧑‍💼Add me on LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL} 🌍Website/Blog: {Website URL} [Add details about your channel here more info]

Brand Style:

Most YouTube channels are actually brands trying to promote their products through YouTube. So if your channel is branded, you'll need a different approach to describing your videos, such as:

Get started today ► [add product link] [enter your brand name] can help you [what your value is]. We're all about [insert topic/keyword], and we're excited to share everything we know about [insert topic/keyword] with our audience! Be sure to hit the Like button and subscribe to our channel to learn more about [insert topic/keyword]. Here's what you'll see in this video: [Add a partial timestamp to your video] Make sure you get notified: 🌍 Website/Blog: {Website URL} 👕 Buy Products! {Merch URL}🎙️Listen to our podcast: {podcast URL}📸Add us on Instagram: {Instagram URL}🐦Add us on Twitter: {Twitter URL}📕Add us on Facebook: {Facebook URL}👻On Snapchat Add us on: {Snapchat URL}🧑‍💼Add us on LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL} [Add more info about your channel here]

YouTube Free Fire Channel Description:

Hello players, I'm [your name]! Here you will find me playing fun PC games and mobile games. I play [Free Fire/Fortnite/Call Of Duty/Pubg/GTA 5] with you on this channel [or channel name]. [Your source: eg "English"] [Language] Review the player. Business Email: [Business Email] Contact: Join My Discord: [Discord Channel URL] Make sure you get notified: 🌍 Website/Blog: {Website URL} 👕 Buy Products! {Merch URL}🎙️Listen to our podcast: {podcast URL}📸Add us on Instagram: {Instagram URL}🐦Add us on Twitter: {Twitter URL}📕Add us on Facebook: {Facebook URL}👻On Snapchat Add us on: {Snapchat URL}🧑‍💼Add us on LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL}

Short video description on YouTube:

Check out my [course/product/promotion] here: [link] 📚 More resources: [article name/tutorial/course with link] Stay tuned: 👕 Merchandise: [product URL] 🎙️ Podcast: [podcast URL] 💰 Patreon: [Patreon URL] 📷 Instagram: [Instagram URL] 🐦 Twitter: [Twitter URL] 📕 Facebook: [Facebook URL] 👻 Snapchat: [Snapchat URL] 🧑‍💼 LinkedIn: [LinkedIn URL] 🌐 Website: [Website URL ] See you next time soon!
Welcome to [Channel Name]! We're here to [briefly describe the purpose of your channel in one sentence]. ] Never miss an upload. Check out our [related content, such as playlists or other social media links] for more [types of content on your channel, such as "entertainment" or "education"]. Thanks for watching!

YouTube Video Description Troubleshooting:

Are you struggling with [a problem your audience is facing]? In this video, I will share with you the final solution to [problem]. As [your profession or experience], I know how difficult [a question] can be. That's why I made this video to help you [solve the problem]. You will have a clear picture of [what your audience will learn and achieve]. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, I recommend you check out my [article/tutorial/course] on [related topic]. You will receive step-by-step guidance on [what your students will achieve through your coursework]. Don't forget to follow me: Website/Blog: {Website URL} to buy my stuff! {merch URL} Podcast: {podcast URL}Patreon Channel: {patreon URL}Instagram: {Instagram URL}Twitter: {Twitter URL}Facebook: {Facebook URL}Snapchat: {Snapchat URL}LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL} [here Add more information about your channel or upcoming videos here]. Thanks for watching!
Hello! Are you struggling with [a problem]? In this video, I'll show you how to [solve]. As [your profession/experience], I've seen many people face this challenge, and I've found that the best way to overcome it is [SOLUTION]. So if you're ready for [desired results], keep watching! Here's what you'll learn from this video: [Add partial timestamp to your video] Not only that! If you want to learn more about [related topics], check out my [article title/tutorial/course and link]. This is the ultimate [related topic] guide to help you take your skills to the next level! Follow me: Website/Blog: {Website URL} Buy my stuff! {merch URL} Podcast: {podcast URL}Patreon Channel: {patreon URL}Instagram: {Instagram URL}Twitter: {Twitter URL}Facebook: {Facebook URL}Snapchat: {Snapchat URL}LinkedIn: {LinkedIn URL} [here Add more information about your channel here] Are you ready for [desired outcome]? let's start!


YouTube Video Description Generator:

  1. Share a good video description on YouTube
  2. How to Edit a YouTube Video Description
  3. How to add a link in the description of a YouTube video

Have you ever wondered how to make your YouTube channel's videos stand out?

How to Make a Great Movie | A Beginner's Guide [Quick and Easy]

Of course, your name and thumbnail are the basic tools you need to engage your audience.

But the beauty of a YouTube video is its description.

But how do you create the perfect video description?

What should be added and what should be excluded?

All these questions should really be racking your brains!

But hey, don't worry!

As always, we have answers and solutions to all your YouTube description questions!

So let us help you create the perfect YouTube channel description!

Share a good video description on YouTube

Free YouTube Video Description Generator - Copy Thousands of YouTube Video Descriptions (1)

What is a YouTube video description?

Description YouTube is a text box below the video player that contains information about the video. This is a great way to provide additional context and information about the video. YouTube descriptions can be up to 5,000 characters long and may contain links to other websites.

When posting a video on YouTube, you'll see a description section.

The description is a key element of the video because it is the gateway to the audience.

It gives viewers an idea of ​​what you're covering in your video and the value you intend to convey to your followers.

In other words, the description of your video; via your nickname and thumbnail are the communication channels you can use to convince your viewers to hit the subscribe button!

Basically, it's your video's metadata!

How to write the perfect description:

Free YouTube Video Description Generator - Copy Thousands of YouTube Video Descriptions (2)

To write the best YouTube video description possible, use our generator or one of the templates below.

Now you know the importance of the YouTube video description section.

You might be wondering how to create the perfect video description.

successful youtuberWrite the description so the viewer has all the information while doing soLive on YouTube,Channel Optimization, electronicYouTube Keyword Research.

describe let youFor viewers who can't resist subscribing to your YouTube channel.

we developed asimple strategyWho will help you make it happen!

So let's see what the strategy has to say!

A detailed description:

every time you write your descriptionvideo from youtube, you wantGive as much to your audience as possible.Most YouTube users fail to pay attention to this part when uploading their videos, thus losing some valuable subscribers. But the main real face-to-face interaction you have with your audience before they visit your content is your description. You must provide everything relevant to the YouTube video description. Therefore, our recommendation is to limit it to at least 200 words.The longer the description, the easier it is for your audience to understand your messageyour YouTube videos. So don't hesitate when writing, write with your heart! Detailed descriptions are like the golden ticket to getting your channel videos featured in YouTube's top search engines.

Include keywords:

We all know that YouTube is the largest search engine after Google. ThenThe entire youtube algorithm is based on keywords.include these keywords (also known asHashtag Achievement YouTube) in the video description, you can easily and directly link it to your channel's content.Videos with the most relevant and similar keywords appear in YouTube's top searches and lead toExtend watch time.The trick is to include the keywordInsert them into the first 2-3 sentences of your YouTube video descriptionN. This makes it easier for YouTube to pick out videos from your channel among thousands of other channels with the same keyword.

You can try it yourself! For example, if you are looking for "little yoda SVG', go ahead and type in the YouTube search barBaby Yoda SVG".You'll be surprised how all the videos that show up in the top searches have the keyword "baby", "yoda" and "svg"in them!

Refine your description:

Free YouTube Video Description Generator - Copy Thousands of YouTube Video Descriptions (3)

When using search engines like Google and YouTube,video collection&Optimization StrategyThey are always key to getting your video the publicity it deserves.YouTube channel development.You need to fully optimize the description of your video to benefit the audience. But how? Simple hint isdon't put the link at the beginningyour description. This allows yourvideo creativeappears in the main search, butA monotonous outlook won't attract much attention.tentGrab your audience's attention by listing benefitsThey'll look for it in the first few sentences of your description. It makes your video look more attractive when it appears in popular YouTube searches. Whatever the purpose of your video,Never forget CTAs(call to action) in their description. so yes! Optimization is the key you are looking for!

Repeat keywords:

We emphasize putting keywords in the first 2-3 sentences of the video description, but this is not meant to be limiting. createmore pressurein his movieConvince your viewers that your video content is keyword-only,so maybe you wantRepeat this keyword multiple timesmore. we areKeyword reloads and pushes are discouragedGiving your video a very missing and messy look in every sentence. Why are you doing this?Get some traffic on YouTubeA systematic approach is to use the same keyword at least 3 times in the description:at the beginning, in the middle, at the end.You will be amazed by the effect this will have on your video!

Related keywords:

This is another valuable tip that you should definitely consider.use the right keywords. Of course, keywords make your optimization game even stronger. But with so many channels in the YouTube community, shareso many moviesAnd things like that, it's a challenge to make descriptions shine. One way is to use someOther related keywordsThis will guarantee your video will appear on other similar channels. Consider the chocolate icing example above. Of course, these 3 keywords will ensure your video gets a spot in the top 5 searches. but what about usExtend video exposure time? try to include the keyword 'bake'e'biscuit'in your descriptionand becomeBe amazed at how engaging your videos will suddenly be!This will also place your video as "recommended movie'Columns on viewer screens!

real content:

Free YouTube Video Description Generator - Copy Thousands of YouTube Video Descriptions (4)

The most important step is to have authentic content.None of the above points are of any value if your content is not 200% authentic, genuine and absolutely yours.Not only will this save your videos from serious copyright issues, but it will also create an original and unique connection between you and your followers. Every video you upload to your channel needs to stand out based on its description. All of these must be unique in their own way, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of description. So make sure your feed doesn't have overlapping descriptions!

Dialogue description:

The easiest way to grab your audience's attention is to be both friendly and controversial in your descriptions. The more humane your approach, the more trust you will have with your audience. Descriptions must be conversational. Robotic or overly limited descriptions won't arouse audience enthusiasm. If you want to attract them, you better smile and say hello!

in short:

  • Include relevant keywords:Include keywords related to the content and topic of the video. This will help search engines understand what your video is about and rank it accordingly.
  • Be descriptive:Write a descriptive summary for your video, including important details such as the video's title, subject, and purpose.
  • Provide link:Include links to your website or other relevant content that can add value to your audience.
  • Use timestamps:Use timestamps to help viewers navigate to specific parts of the video that suit their needs.
  • Use a call to action:Include a call to action in your description to encourage viewers to take action, such as subscribing to your channel or visiting your website.

How to Edit a Video Description

Free YouTube Video Description Generator - Copy Thousands of YouTube Video Descriptions (5)

We can't always be perfect on the first try.

So don't worry about getting the video description right the first time.

maybe sometime in the futureYou may feel that you can make valuable changes to it.

The guidelines below can help you make these changes to your channel's video descriptions!

but first you needDownload the YouTube Studio appMake life easier for you and your familyKonto YouTube'a.

  1. First download YouTube Studio.
  2. Sign in to your YouTube studio account. You'll get a full breakdown of all videos uploaded to your channel, including upload dates, restrictions (if any), and other features.
  3. move the mouse tothumbnailyour movie. You'll see several options there.
  4. click no"Edit Description"option and edit your description now!

How to insert link in video description:

Free YouTube Video Description Generator - Copy Thousands of YouTube Video Descriptions (6)

You must have seen the descriptions of various videosfamous youtuberA link or URL is loaded.

Some target other social media platforms, while others target your website or merchandise.

Add a linkCan speed up games on your YouTube channel.

This is because it gives viewers direct access to your other social forums and all the products you use in your videos.

This ensures the authenticity of the content and definitely instills the trust of the viewers.

Plus, they've created very professional and to-the-point video descriptions that are sure to help you grab some viewers!

So let's see how it can be done using a computer:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube channel.
  2. Click on your channel profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear, click YouTube Studio.
  4. A full stats and video summary will be displayed.
  5. Click on the title or thumbnail of the video whose description you want to change.
  6. Copy the link or URL you want to insert in the description and paste it into the description field. Click Save.
  7. After saving, YouTube will automatically convert the link text into an accessible URL. Click on it to make sure it works.

This is via desktop change description.

You can also do the same with your phone. What do you think!

  1. Open the YouTube application.
  2. Go to the video whose description you want to edit. You'll see 3 small dots in the corner of the video.
  3. Click on it and you'll get several options.
  4. click no'edit'option. A screen will appear where you can change the description.
  5. Paste the desired URL into the description field.
  6. Click to save!

Are there any restrictions on what can be included in a YouTube description?

Yes, there are some limitations to what you can add to your YouTube description. First, it's important to note thatYouTube Community GuidelinesThis must be observed when creating any content on the platform, including video descriptions. This means that the description cannot contain anything that violates YouTube's hate speech, harassment or adult content policies.

Additionally, YouTube has specific policies regarding advertising disclosure and sponsorship.If a video is sponsored or contains paid promotion, this must be clearly stated in the video description.There are also restrictions on the use of certain keywords or tags not related to the content of the video, as this may be considered misleading or spam.


We really hope this article was helpful, especially if you havenew business on youtubeor you arenew youtuber

Creating YouTube video descriptions has never been more difficult.

We wish you all the best!

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How do you copy and paste a description? ›

From: Highlight the text or optionally double click the word or triple click the sentence the cursor is in. Keeping the cursor in the highlighted area, right click and select Copy or Cut. To: With the cursor in a destination area that can receive text, right click and select Paste.

How do I get a transcript of a video? ›

How to transcribe video to text?
  1. Upload your video. ...
  2. Select the language of the video. ...
  3. Choose "Machine generated" or "Human made". ...
  4. Receive your transcript. ...
  5. Click on "Export" and choose your preferred file format.

How can I transcribe a video for free? ›

If you want to transcribe video to text for free, the most recommended tool by over 3,000 4.9+ star Google reviews is Kapwing. You can access their free video transcription software online on any device and get an accurate text transcript in seconds.

What is the short trick for copy and paste? ›

Select the text you want to copy and press Ctrl+C. Place your cursor where you want to paste the copied text and press Ctrl+V.

Can you copy and paste job description? ›

Should You Copy-Paste a Job Description Into Your Resume? Short answer: No. There are a few reasons, Fife says. First, when recruiters use search tools to find keywords on resumes in ATSs, it is more likely that they are doing so with a pool of existing resumes the company already has from past applications.

How do you copy content? ›

To copy and paste, you can use keyboard shortcuts: PC: Ctrl + c for Copy, Ctrl + x for Cut, and Ctrl + v for Paste.

What does 20,000 characters look like? ›

Answer: 20,000 characters is between 2857 words and 5000 words with spaces included in the character count. If spaces are not included in the character count, then 20,000 characters is between 3333 words and 6667 words.

How many words is 5000 characters? ›

710-1,250 WORDS

What is the maximum amount of characters that you can copy and paste? ›

No, there is no pre-set maximum size for clipboard data.

How to extract text from video? ›

How to transcribe videos to text:
  1. Upload or record. Upload your video or audio file to VEED. You can drag and drop your files into the editor. ...
  2. Auto-transcribe, translate, and refine. Click "Auto Subtitle" from the subtitle menu to get started. ...
  3. Export the TXT file. You can download the transcript as a TXT file.


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