How to Put on Hey Dude Shoes (Six Ways Explained) (2023)

Hey Dudes are trendy and trendy shoes that offer a wide range of light and comfortable shoes. Knowing how to tie them correctly is important to enjoy all the benefits.

Next, learn how to fit Hey Dude shoes and get answers to questions about the comfort of these popular shoes.


  • How to put on Hey Dude shoes
    • 1. Re-tie shoelaces
    • 2. Income reduction
    • 3. Tie shoelaces
    • 4. Use calcetine
    • 5. Size below
    • 6. Machine wash warm
  • How to tie Hey Dude shoes
    • 1. Single number method
    • 2. Crossed laces
    • 3. Side Bindings
  • Related questions Hello friend
    • Do you tie your shoelaces, hey dude?
    • Should the Hey Dudes be relaxed?
    • Hey guys, should you guys be comfortable?
    • Hello friends, are they wide or narrow?
    • Are the Hey Dudes comfortable to wear all day?
  • Conclusion

How to put on Hey Dude shoes

Hey dudes come in full sizes, not half sizes. So if you usually wear half sizes, it is advisable to go up one size for a better fit.

The Hey Dudes have a standard width and a rounded toe box, giving your toes a little more room than a typical sneaker.

If you find that they are a little loose, there are several ways to tighten them.

How to Put on Hey Dude Shoes (Six Ways Explained) (1)

1. Re-tie shoelaces

The best way to adjust the tightness of your Hey Dude shoes is to reposition the knots in the laces.

Step 1:Untie the shoe knots on both sides.

Step 2:Adjust the tension by pulling the laces.

SStep 3:Secure each lace in the desired position with a new knot near the eyelet.

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Here is a video showing how easy it is to reposition the knot on the laces:

Pro Tips:

1. If you have trouble untying the knots, try to push them all the way to untie them.

2. If you don't want longer laces sticking out, you can cut them off (and burn the ends) or you can use the lace trick below.

2. Income reduction

If your hey dudes have buttons to switch knots and you don't want the laces to come undone, try this lace-up hack by Gary Noble.

Step 1:put on your shoes

Step 2:Pull the laces harder.

Level 3:Thread each loop through the front loop.

Step 4:Slide them down the side of the shoe with the button forward.

This gives your shoes a more streamlined look and feel.

Watch Gary demonstrate it in his video below:

3. Tie shoelaces

If your hey dudes have a toggle knot, you can tighten them by pinning them on top of each other in the middle of the shoe.

Step 1:Stretch the elastic cords while pulling them.

Step 2:Thread one loop underneath and the other should come out. No need to tie a knot as the buckles hold the shoe tight enough. You will feel comfortable and ensure that the shoes fit comfortably without slipping.

You can see how this works in the following video:

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4. Use calcetine

While it might not be cool to wear socks with your hey dudes, wearing a pair of socks will make your shoes more comfortable on your feet.

You should be aware that you may want to reduce the size inWallymiWendy EiCarastyles as they are made of cotton fabric and stretch.

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5. Size below

If you find that you don't like the loose fit of your Hey Dudes shoes, or that they have stretched after wearing them for a while, you should consider sizing up when shopping for your next pair of Hey Dudes.

Squeeze your Hey Dudes helps when:

  • Your shoes are stretched.
  • you have narrow feet
  • Prefer a tight fit.
  • Normally you wear half a size smaller.

6. Machine wash warm

Hey dudes are machine washable, but you should wash the shoes in cold water. Then you can try washing them with lukewarm water as they may shrink a bit. But we warn that this would be permanent, so only do this if they are too loose and you cannot tighten the laces enough for a snug fit.

However, you should avoid drying them in direct sunlight as this can affect the color of the shoe.

Always decide to buy a shoe that fits well without pinching. See the company's website for sizing recommendations. A favorite shoe should offer perfect comfort, whether it's a boat shoe or a classic traditional shoe.

How to tie Hey Dude shoes

Hey Dude shoes are specially designed so you don't have to tie your laces like you do with traditional athletic shoes. However, the bungee laces give you more fit options than a typical loafer.

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If you find that your Hey Dude shoes are too big, there are several ways to tie the laces to make them more comfortable.

How to Put on Hey Dude Shoes (Six Ways Explained) (2)

Take a look at Hey Dude's shoelace options below:

1. Single number method

One of the Hey Dude Shoe lacing options is the single knot method. You start by untying the laces. Tighten the laces until they are snug, then tie a new knot next to each eyelet. Essentially, this has to match the shoe's original lacing design, which is a wide shoe.

2. Crossed laces

After putting your shoes on, gently pull on the laces. Take the ends of a bow and tuck it under the front bow. Do the same with the other bead for uniformity and cleanliness.

3. Side Bindings

You can easily modify the above method. After putting on your shoes, pull the laces from the side to the knot. Take the end of the excess lace and tuck it under the side lace. Do the same with the other tip on the other side. You can check out this lace hack by Gary Noble in the video above.

It is best to avoid the usual method of lacing, lacing or double knotting your Hey Dude shoes as this is not part of the specific design of the shoe and will not look good.

Always remember not to tie the laces too tight, but just as tight as you would on a regular shoe.

Do you tie your shoelaces, hey dude?

Womenfoggy, Wendy and Polly and Hombres Wally, Paul, Jack and WalshYOU INTRODUCE YOURSELFthe shoes are popular because they don't have to be laced every day. The easy adjustment of the laces allows you to put them on without worrying about tying them.

However, you can tighten the laces on the Hey Dude shoes if you want a more comfortable fit. However, they are designed for a loose and comfortable fit, although some have double laces.

You can also buy one size smaller if you prefer tighter shoes. The ideal footwear should always offer excellent wearing comfort.

Should the Hey Dudes be relaxed?

Hey guys, you should be easygoing. The design allows for a loose, adjustable fit. They were originally designed to offer a loose and comfortable fit compared to other traditional canvas shoes. They are made to match everyday hiking shoes.

Some designs may loosen with use. If you have narrow feet, consider wearing a smaller shoe size instead of your normal shoe size, especially if you wear a size medium. Because these are lightweight shoes, they may feel loose compared to regular shoes.

For customers who need a half size, HeyDudes usually suggests one size larger for men's models and one size smaller for women's models. So if you wear a men's size 9.5 they recommend a size 10 and if you wear a women's size 8.5 they recommend a size 8.

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The wide ones are best if you have to wear Hey Dude shoes for long hours. Because the longer you're on your feet, the more likely they are to swell. With the swelling, you start to feel very tight, which gets tighter and tighter as the hours go by.

Hey guys, should you guys be comfortable?

Hey guys, it shouldn't be too comfortable. If you need a more comfortable fit, tighten the laces to get the fit you want. Some popular styles stretch slightly to conform to the shape of your feet. They also have replaceable memory foam-based insoles for more comfort.

They can be tight, but not so tight that you feel uncomfortable walking. The toes should be snug without touching the front of the shoe. The forefoot should be slightly loose and slightly tight in the midfoot and rearfoot.

Women's shoes are generally slimmer and more comfortable in fit. Those designed for men are wider. Every casual shoe should be comfortable without being uncomfortable. This way you avoid bites and blisters on your shoes.

A shoe that is too tight can injure your feet. If you prefer a more comfortable option, you should buy comfortable shoes that are wide enough not to restrict movement. A stretch-style shoe is best as it stretches to accommodate the size of your foot.

Hello friends, are they wide or narrow?

The Hey Dudes are medium wide and have a wider, rounded tip. The fit will depend on your different styles and sizes and how your feet naturally adjust to it. However, people with wider feet find they fit well, are not too tight and are comfortably loose.

If you have a wider foot type and are looking for comfortable and durable shoes, Hey Dudes could be your best option. However, shoes must be the right size, not too small and not too big for your feet.

If you have narrow feet and are looking for narrower shoes, you should also choose a smaller pair. They will eventually stretch to fit you due to their elastic fiber. A little trial and error will get you a size that fits you perfectly.

Are the Hey Dudes comfortable to wear all day?

The Hey Dudes are comfortable all day thanks to their lightweight, breathable construction and ultra-soft sole technology. They make a great pair of walking shoes and are useful as an everyday pair for school, work or errands.

Hey Dude offers a selection of insoles to match standard shoe colors. These insoles contribute to the comfort of the shoe and provide cushioning to protect feet from impact throughout the day.

However, for a comfortable fit, you need to make sure you get the right fit. Shoes should also provide ankle and arch support. Casual shoes that fit well also last longer because your feet don't weigh them down.


A common question is, "How do I tighten the Hey Dude shoes?" While this comfortable lace-up is designed for a loose fit, the bungee laces are adjustable by simply pulling the knot closer to the eyelet. Follow these steps to have comfortable, well-fitting shoes in no time.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the awesome shoe brand Hey Dude and how to squeeze them.

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How do you wear Hey Dude shoes? ›

Hey Dudes shoes are the perfect shoes to wear in the fall. They are comfortable, stylish, and go with everything. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses. They are also great for walking in the leaves or playing in the pumpkin patch.

Are Hey Dude shoes supposed to be tied? ›

When it comes to the Men's Wally, Paul, Jack and Walsh & Women's Wendy and Polly, customers love the fact that they don't need to be tying laces everyday. The easy-on lace fit allows for you to slip them on whilst being the perfect fit, so no laces to worry about.

Are you supposed to size down in Hey Dudes? ›

General. Do your shoes run true to size? Some of the HEYDUDE Shoes styles may run smaller or larger than other in our collections. It is recommended to read the suggested sizing tips on each product page.

What are the things on the laces of Hey Dudes? ›

Pulling the lace outward tightens the laces on Hey Dude shoes. There's a stopper on the lace to protect it from slipping out of your new shoes.

Can hey dude shoes get wet? ›

How to Wash Hey Dudes. Most shoes can be safely cleaned in the water except for Suede, Leather and Wool type materials.

Do hey dude shoes look good with jeans? ›

Hey Dude shoes are a versatile shoe that can be worn with almost any outfit. These shoes are made with high-quality materials and are very comfortable. They're also ideal for wearing with jeans or skirts because they're so versatile.

Do I wear socks with Hey Dudes? ›

You can wear socks with Hey Dudes shoes, or you can choose to go without them. They have a soft-cushioned and flexible footbed that keeps your feet airy and firm whether you have socks on or not. What is this? The canvas that is made of cotton material of Hey Dudes allows the shoes be quite breathable.

Why are Hey Dudes so popular? ›

These shoes are something everyone can love. They are made of sustainable materials, they're super comfortable, and they're stylish. Their classic style just slips on, so you don't have to tie them. In 2021, Crocs purchased the Hey Dude shoe brand.

Can I wear Hey dudes if I have wide feet? ›

Width. Not all styles of Hey Dude shoes are available in a wide fit. If you have a wide foot, you will get a better fit from choosing the proper size shoe in a wide fit rather than choosing the next larger size.

What is a size 8 in Hey dudes? ›

Hey Dude men's and women's size chart
CM (CN, JP, Mondo)InchesUS
5 more rows

What are the strings on the shoes? ›

Shoelaces, also called shoestrings (US English) or bootlaces (UK English), are a system commonly used to secure shoes, boots, and other footwear. They typically consist of a pair of strings or cords, one for each shoe, finished off at both ends with stiff sections, known as aglets.

Do Hey dudes shrink when you wash them? ›

How to wash colored Hey Dudes: Wash them in your washing machine on a Delicate, Hand Wash or Light setting. Add in a very small amount of your favorite liquid detergent and only wash them in cold water to keep your shoes from shrinking. Also make sure to choose Slow spin or no spin if you can to reduce wrinkles!

Can hey dudes go in the dryer? ›

Do not use the dryer for your shoes. Dry them outside or indoors, but remember to keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid bleaching or damaging the fabric.

Can you power wash Hey dudes? ›

Can You Put Hey Dude Slip-On Shoes in the Washing Machine? Yes, Hey Dude shoes can be put in the washing machine.

Will hey dudes shrink in the dryer? ›

Blot the shoes with a dry cloth and let them air dry overnight. Don't stick them in the dryer or they could shrink. Just set them somewhere with good ventilation and let them dry overnight. If you have a shoe tree, use it to dry your Hey Dude shoes, so they keep their shape.

Does Crocs own Hey Dudes? ›

Casual footwear company Crocs said revenues of its Hey Dude brand should surpass $1 billion next year as it begins selling the men's shoe line overseas. “We're going to put our toe in the water next year,” CEO Andrew Rees said Thursday (Nov.

How much did Crocs buy Hey Dudes for? ›

Crocs has acquired Hey Dude, a casual footwear brand, for a whopping $2.5 billion. Hey Dude is a privately-owned company founded in Italy in 2008. Hey Dude will operate as a standalone division upon completion of the transaction.

Who owns Hey Dudes? ›

Hey Dude Shoes was acquired by Crocs for $2.5B on Dec 23, 2021 .

What happens if you wear shoes that are too wide? ›

Other painful effects of wearing shoes that are too big include: Corns and calluses: caused by excessive pressure on the toes. Metatarsalgia: caused by too much pressure on the balls of your feet. Disrupted natural stride: resulting in Achilles tendonitis, arch pain, and pain in the calf muscles.

How do I know if my feet are extra wide? ›

If you find that you frequently try on shoes that are supposed to be your size, but they feel really tight when you walk around the store, then it's likely that your feet are actually a wide width. The next time you are at a shoe store, ask for a professional to measure both the length AND width of your feet.

What is considered a wide foot for a man? ›

For men, a 2E is considered a Wide shoe, while a 4E or larger will be considered Extra Wide. For women, a 2E or larger is considered an Extra Wide shoe. Some shoes are available in sizes larger than 10E, which is more common for diabetic shoes.

Which shoes make you look taller? ›

Nude colour footwear not only looks classy with every outfit but also makes you look taller. Your shoes can make or break your look, especially if you have shorter legs. Pick a pair of nude flats. They will give an illusion that your legs are longer.

What sneaker makes you taller? ›

The Nike Air Max 270 unit adds 32 millimeters to your height. That's more than 1.25 inches of extra height. What Height Does the Air Max 97 Add? The Nike Air Max 97 adds about 1.6 inches for the wearer, one of the most generous offerings in Nike's current collection.

Do you count shoes in height? ›

Before measuring height, remove shoes, hats, and other headwear. These articles of clothing can throw off the measurement. It is important to stand with feet flat and the back straight, as slouching or raising up at all on the ball of the foot can also create an inaccurate measurement.

Is shoe size 8 big for a girl? ›

All women's foot sizes are normal. Heights and weights have increased in the United States over the past several decades. Feet have gotten larger, too. While there are no official statistics about shoe sizes, anecdotally, the average shoe size for women in the United States ranges between 8.5 and 9.

Is boys size 8 medium or large? ›

SizeUS SizeWaist
2 more rows
Sep 20, 2022

Is boys size 8 small or medium? ›

Boys' Size Chart
S (6-7)749 -57
M (8)858 - 67
L (10-12)1068 - 77
L (10-12)1278 - 87
16 more rows

Why are Hey Dude Shoes so popular? ›

These shoes are something everyone can love. They are made of sustainable materials, they're super comfortable, and they're stylish. Their classic style just slips on, so you don't have to tie them. In 2021, Crocs purchased the Hey Dude shoe brand.

Why do people like Hey Dudes? ›

A lot of people really like the fit of Hey Dudes and think they are a very comfortable pair of footwear due to their use of memory foam and flex technology.

What kind of shoes are Hey Dudes considered? ›

There are men's Hey Dude shoes, women's Hey Dude shoes and kids' Hey Dude shoes. They range from sandals, boat shoes and slip-ons to sneakers, platform shoes, boots and more.

Can all Hey Dudes be washed? ›

Unlike most manufacturers, HEYDUDE state that you can clean your canvas shoes in the washing machine. If the shoes are muddy, wait until they dry before cleaning.

Do you wash Hey Dudes with hot or cold? ›

How to wash colored Hey Dudes: Wash them in your washing machine on a Delicate, Hand Wash or Light setting. Add in a very small amount of your favorite liquid detergent and only wash them in cold water to keep your shoes from shrinking.

Are Hey Dudes easy to slip on? ›

Even better, their slip-on design makes them super easy to pull on and off — so getting through TSA security lines should be a breeze. The shoes' simple design makes them ultra-versatile, and shoppers say they "look good with everything." One raved, "These are the best, most comfortable shoes ever.

Who made Hey Dudes popular? ›

Hey Dude were first introduced in the summer of 2008, by two Italian footwear experts Alessandro and Dario.

Are Hey Dude still popular? ›

Hey Dude has come pretty much from nowhere to the No. 7 ranking in the Top 10 list. In Spring 2021, for example, it was not in the Top 10 at all. Then in Fall 2021 it debuted in the No.

What do Hey Dudes mean? ›

The usage of the word to mean a “cool person” was popularized in American films of the 1980's and 1990's such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Wayne's World, and Clerks.


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