How to repair the liquid recognized in the radius connection on the iPhone (2023)

One of the best things of modern smartphones is that they are usuallyWaterproofHowever, this does not mean that they are completely immune to liquid problems.

If the recognized liquid "or" is not available "on your iPhone, you should work quickly to avoid damage to your phone.

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    This is not done

    Before you get into what youThey owedIf you see this alarm for liquid detection, we start with what you should not do:

    • Do not press the emergency room (in some versions of iOS) until you make sure there is no liquid.
    • Do not usecompressed airStop the flash load connection.
    • Do not try to use other lightning accessories with your phone.
    • Do not blow on cotton sprouts or other absorbing materials on the door.
    • Do not put your iPhone in rice.
    • Do not try to use heat, such as a hair dryer to dry the connection or cable.

    The most important thing to remember is not in panic and patience. We will solve the problem without damaging the phone!

    Remove the cable

    If you receive this warning after connecting a lightning cable, remove the cable immediately.

    (Video) 5 Things You Need To Know About Repairing iPhones

    Show the emerging window

    You do not want to use the emergency overflow option immediately, but you will surely use the download button. This warning message is omitted, but does not allow electricity to flow through the door.

    If you have enough battery flow, you can continue using the phone and try to recharge it later when the connection is dry.However, there are some things you can do to accelerate it.

    Turn off your mobile

    It is a good idea to turn off the phone to get the battery performance you have until you can recharge it again. This can also help to avoid further damage to water.

    Shake the excess fluid

    According to your own appleOfficial guidelinesYou should try to eliminate excess fluid from your door. "Excess" fluid refers to visible drops, not at the thin layer of moisture that gets a little wet.moisture on your door.

    You can do this more than once, so it is clear that they do not leave the phone. After excess liquid is shaken, you must wait at least 30 minutes before you try. If you still get the error, your phone will needmore time to dry.

    The air dries your door

    The most effective way to dry your door is to create nature. Put the phone somewhere that doesn't have much moisture, but has a good air flow, and the internal liquid should be in the air for a few evaporated hours.

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    If possible, lower the door so that gravity can eliminate moisture faster. They can also use pebbles or other dry dehumidifiers to reduce air moisture in the storage space.

    Do not put your phone to direct sunlight or near an artificial heat source. This can damage your device and even cause a battery fire in extreme cases.

    Clean your flash connection

    Apple advises emphatically trying to put something in the port of lightning, such as cotton stains and, in particular, leads nothing, like metal needles. After our experience, get USB-C connections and rays over time.Adjust loose to your flash plug.

    Check Rayo's door with a flashlight to confirm that there are rubble.Under its own riskYou can carefully eliminate all residues with a thin, Rome and non -consumer object. We find that flat plastic sticks work better.

    Seats your flash buffet

    It is easy to forget that this problem gives two sides, with the plug that is on the door, the other is the other. It does not make sense to dry your door, replace a damp connector and start the entire cycle again.

    Use an absorbent towel or a similar object to dry your lighting plug.Deixe in the same environment with a low moisture as you yourself and offers a similar moment when drying.

    For cable plugs, water can be closed between the metal connection and the plastic case. A thumb line of third party supplier thumb can also use a manufacturing material that can capture fluids.

    Try another charger

    (Video) iPhone 11 Charging Port Replacement

    In some cases, "liquid warning, which is a positive evil in the radius connector", and a frequent cause of this incorrectly positive positive cable or charger is a third party provider.May you make sure you make sure you make sure you make sure that it is sure to ensure that this is not a defective design that is to blame. In sites like Amazon, there are many cables and non -certifier loadersFlash not certified.

    Use a wireless charger

    The fact that your iPhone ray port currently does not accept a power supply does not mean that your phone is condemned to fail. If you have an iphone or more recent, you can still useWireless loadTo load your device.

    This is particularly useful if the problem takes a long time before you can simply use your phone.

    Restart your phone

    If you dry your door and full cable but still get the error when connecting your phoneRestart the deviceWe saw that iPhone users solved this problem in cases where there was no real water involved, and it was just a mistake.

    Keep the side button on the iPhones with a start button until you see themClean to turn offMessage and move the sliding control to the right. If you have a newer iPhone without a start button, you must hold the button and the volume button at the same time to reach itClean to turn offThe message. In two cases, press the side button until you see the Apple logo to turn on the phone again.

    When does the "over -the -emergency" button use?

    Therefore, it has an iPhone that does not contain wireless load or has no wireless load.

    If you are 100% sure this is a fake alarm and there is no liquid on the door, use emergency burst.

    (Video) iPhone 11 Battery Replacement: Fix A Dead Or Dying Battery!

    However, you do this at your own risk because electricity flows, while the fluid in the plug can lead to a short electric circuit and permanently damage your phone.

    Signs of supposed fluid damage

    The water that is after the iPhone can be a side effect of higher water damage, which can usually be hidden and can slowly damage the phone over time if you penetrate the device or cause corrosion.

    Although your phone can be classified as a waterproof, this will only be correct if you take it from the box for the first time. If used regularly, it is possible that stamps that prevent the fluids from traveling where time will not be affected.This is not a big problem if the phone never gets wet, but the day when it falls into a water pool, it would be the first time they know the stamps will fail.

    Apple has on all iPhones models that were manufactured after 2006LCI location diagramFor each model with one.

    If your phone is missing a LCI, there are other signs. A frequent symptom of water damage is the moisture of the camera under protective glass.distorted. Specially salt water, there is a good possibility of having permanent damage due to a liquid.

    Send your phone for evaluation

    If you cannot solve the problem or suspect that water damage is in an Apple store in an Apple store as soon as possible. A Apple support technician confirms the damage caused by water quickly afterOpening the phone or if there is no damage caused by the water, it may be possible to repair the flash connection.

    It can also be covered for repairs or replacement for water damage if the phone is secure. Apple Care + does not cover water damage, but the repair rate or replacement may be significantly reduced compared to withthe not covered.


    How do you fix liquid detected messages on iPhone? ›

    Tap your iPhone gently against your hand with the Lightning connector facing down to remove excess liquid. Leave your iPhone in a dry area with some airflow. After at least 30 minutes, try charging with a Lightning cable or connecting a Lightning accessory.

    What does it mean when iPhone says liquid has been detected in the lighting connector? ›

    A lightning accessory refers to anything that plugs into the charging port, like a charger, or Apple's lightning earbuds. When you see the “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” notification, it usually means either the charging port or lightning accessory is wet.

    How do I fix liquid detected error? ›

    You can do so by removing the charging cable and then re-inserting it. The same “liquid detection" message will appear, but you'll now have the option to tap Emergency Override and charge your phone.

    Why does my iPhone say liquid detected when there is no liquid? ›

    What Does Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Mean? Apple calls the iPhone's charging port the Lightning Connector. So, when you get a message saying “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector”, it means that there is water either in your iPhone's charging port or the charging cable is wet.

    How long does it take for moisture detected to go away? ›

    Let the device air dry for at least 24 hours before turning it on again or plugging it into power, or else further damage may occur. If no moisture is seen or suspected: First, plug your phone into the charger, at which point you should still receive the error.

    How do you remove liquid from charging port? ›

    Gently tap on your phone and get the excess water out.
    How to Remove Water From The Charging Port? Android/iPhone Users
    1. Remove Moisture. The very first thing that you would do is to try to remove any moisture from the surface of the charging port. ...
    2. Let it Evaporate. ...
    3. Use a Wireless Charger. ...
    4. Contact Customer Service.
    Sep 24, 2022

    Can you override liquid detected? ›

    If you reconnect your iPhone to the Lightning cable or accessory, you have the option to override the liquid detection and charge your iPhone in an emergency. If you have a wireless charger, you can still use that to charge your iPhone.

    Is my phone broken if it says liquid detected? ›

    If you see one of these alerts, your iPhone has detected liquid in the Lightning port or on the Lightning cable or Lightning accessory. To protect your iPhone and the accessory, charging and accessory connection will be unavailable until the Lightning port and accessory have dried.

    Can I turn off liquid detection? ›

    To override the liquid detection alert, simply reconnect the Lightning cable or accessory shortly after it appears. When the liquid detection alert pops up again, tap the new Emergency Override button.

    How do you force stop moisture detection? ›

    If your device displays a water drop icon which signifies moisture detection, you should power off your device and leave it to dry completely. If the icon does not go away and you continue to experience issues with charging, try clearing your USB cache.

    What absorbs moisture quickly? ›

    If solving your moisture problem is something you'd like to do inexpensively, rock salt may be your answer. Because rock salt is hygroscopic it absorbs moisture from the air. If your plan is to get rid of the humidity in a damp basement, start with a 50-pound bag of sodium chloride to make your rock salt dehumidifier.

    What can cause false moisture readings? ›

    The most common cause is metal hidden in or behind the material being checked. Corner beads, metal studs, foil-backed insulation and metal lath in plaster walls are all common examples. Dense materials such as concrete and plaster also read “wetter” on a non-invasive meter.

    How long does it take for liquid to get out of charging port? ›

    Water will naturally evaporate from the charging port within approximately 1 to 2 hours. If any liquid other than fresh water enters the charging port of your device, you must rinse it in fresh water and dry it thoroughly with a dry, soft cloth.

    How do you override water detected in charging port? ›

    Use Android System Recovery Option to bypass Moisture detected at 0% charge.
    1. Let the charger be plugged in the phone.
    2. Press & hold these buttons together: power + volume up + Bixby.
    3. Android logo will be displayed. ...
    4. Press the volume down key several times to enter android system recovery option screen.
    Aug 27, 2018

    What happens if you emergency override liquid in charging port? ›

    Override for Emergency. Because there is moisture or liquid in the iPhone's charging port, you receive this notice when it's plugged in. This notice indicates that charging via the charging port is not possible on your device.

    How do you fix phone no longer detects liquid or debris? ›

    If it's wet, turn your phone off and set it against a flat surface to let the port dry at room temperature. If the port has debris inside, gently tap it against your hand (port downwards) to shake out any debris.

    What happens if you charge your phone with liquid detected? ›

    The liquid present in the Lightning port could permanently damage your iPhone's hardware. We don't recommend tapping Emergency Override to charge your iPhone. If your iPhone supports wireless charging, it might safer to charge your iPhone with a Qi-enabled wireless charger while your charging port dries.

    Why won't the moisture detected won't go away? ›

    If your device displays a water drop icon which signifies moisture detection, you should power off your device and leave it to dry completely. If the icon does not go away and you continue to experience issues with charging, try clearing your USB cache.


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