How to Successfully Run a Gym with Daycare (2023)

A gym with a nursery has a much greater advantage over gyms without. Many people find it difficult to go to the gym regularly when they have children. They take a good part of their parents' lives for at least 18 years. Gyms with childcare facilities are expanding their target market, allowing people to figure out what to do with their little ones stress-free.

As a studio owner, you have the opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. As the obese population continues to increase, it is important to attract as many people as possible to gyms and gyms. Families will greatly benefit from fitness programs that cater to the entire family.

gym with nursery

When designing your child care program, you have a few options for successful programs. The first decisions you need to make concern the age at which you want to provide care and the budget you will allocate for that care.

Think about the people attracted to your gym. Before making any decisions, send current members a survey to complete about implementing a child care program. A survey will give you an idea of ​​how many of your current members will be using the service.

Its current members should take precedence over new ones. First, understand how your early childhood academy can meet your needs. Budget for this number. So how much money do you have left in your budget to recruit new members and provide child care services to them?

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For people who participate in child care programs at your gym, create a Facebook group for them. Parents can talk about when to go to the gym to work out together while their kids can play together.Create a community around your gymincreases customer loyalty and the longevity of your membership.

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Children train with their parents.

Instilling a sense of appreciation for exercise in children is very important in setting them on a healthy path. Parents feel the same way and would be drawn to a program that allows them to exercise with their children starting at age 8. Provide an exercise program that children can participate in while their parents do their own exercises.

Younger age groups can be housed in a child care center where they can participate in age-appropriate physical activities. Children have the opportunity to make friends, and going to the gym will become an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Personally, I had a lot of fun when my dad took me to his CrossFit gym and I trained with the adults. He gave us something to do together and really helped me set fitness goals from a young age. Before CrossFit, I would watch and participate in Insanity workout videos with my dad.

Courses for children and with children

Getting kids excited about physical activity is an extremely valuable selling point to new members. Offer classes that children can attend while parents train.Las Millshas a great virtual set of classes for kids and provides an example of how those classes can be segmented by age and activity. This not only opens the door to new customers, but the little ones benefit greatly from positive moving experiences.

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Another option: offer classes that children can attend with their parents. These classes should also be segmented by age. This option saves time and money for completely separate child care. As the owner, you must ensure that the instructors of these classes are properly certified to teach children.

unsupervised daycare

Gyms with unsupervised daycares have had some problems in the past. However, it can be beneficial if members are fully aware of the conditions and can supervise their children in most gyms. This means a safe and secluded space that is visible from the main areas of the gym.

The biggest costs for this type of care are equipment for the kids and a little remodeling of their gym space. However, this option requires very clear child responsibility standards. This option also limits the ages of children you can accept. Therefore, parental takeover is much more limited.

supervised child care

With supervised child care, you can accommodate a wide range of age groups. However, this means that your gym is responsible for children. You must also hire at least two employees to supervise the children 7 days a week. However, to save money, consider the times when parents would benefit most from the availability of child care.

Child care professionals must keep children active and involved in activities while parents exercise. This is a much more valuable service to offer than being unsupervised and you will be much more likely to attract new customers.

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Your gym may not be required to offer this service 7 days a week. Again, ask current members how this service can best meet their needs, and use that information to understand what new members want.

Insurance and Licenses

When offering childcare, consider the various insurance options. Call your current provider to see what options they have available and for advice on where to look elsewhere if they don't.

Here are some resources for commercial child care coverage:

Insurance companies appreciate when you have a system to track and manage children. Allowing parents to drop in and out of their child's care reduces responsibility in the gym. An example of a service for this type of management isKidCheck.

This type of software sends parents push notifications about the remaining time and tracks the location of the parents in an emergency. Track information about allergies in children and other information relevant to caregivers. Payments for child care hours can also be managed through software like KidCheck.

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Child Care Academy Terms and Conditions

Your insurance provider should help you determine the terms of child care services. Your insurance coverage will list the important blanks that you must fill in with a waiver that the parent must sign. Here is an example of acare contractand how to write one so your members can unsubscribe.

Each state also has different licensing regulations. The following article will help you identify all the important information you need to comply with your state's regulations. From here, you can find other resources relevant to understanding the ins and outs of child care.

Let your audience know!

Post about your new childcare services on your Google My Business account and reach local listings. Many local and online publications cite gyms with daycare centers to help parents find the right place without doing all the research. Search "gyms with childcare in [city or town]" and you'll find articles online listing gyms with childcare near you. This not only helps draw attention to your gym, but it can also identify your competition.

Speaking of competition, take a look at what your competitors are offering in the child care department. If you're looking to run a gym with a daycare, this is a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Read child care program reviews from other gyms and see what they do better and what they could do better.

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Remember, having a unique selling proposition for what your club offers gives you a competitive advantage. So be creative in how you plan to provide child care services. Identify the prospect as a sign of great growth to come.

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You don't have to spend a lot of money to start the service and childcare generates an additional income stream. Add an additional fee to monthly subscriptions or charge by the hour. Either way, your care and equipment costs are covered very quickly.

Childcare will always be a necessity for parents until we have robots that can live indoors and stay home with the kids. Until then, keep them coming to your gym by making it a family place. Start influencing families for the better!


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