Lifetime x Equinox: Features, Cost and Features Comparison (2023)

Lifetime x Equinox: Features, Cost and Features Comparison (1)

If you're lucky enough not to be on a tight budget, you should definitely consider a high end gym.

Of course, you can run on the treadmill for $10 a month.planetafitness, but if you're willing to invest, you can get A LOT more.

We're talking indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, daily group fitness classes and access to more and better equipment.

The two best gyms and high-end health clubs are, without a doubt, Life Time and Equinox.

So what's the difference between Life Time and Equinox, and which one is right for you?

Both are amazing, but here's the deal: Equinox may cost $50 to $100 more per month than Life Time, but it definitely has a more luxurious vibe. Life Time is family-friendly, with affordable babysitters and fantastic outdoor pools.

Let's take a look at the price, features and amenities of these two clubs.

What is the equinox?

Lifetime x Equinox: Features, Cost and Features Comparison (2)
Equinox is an exclusive and ultra-upscale gym with only around 106 locations worldwide.

These clubs are mostly concentrated in large metropolitan areas such as New York, Boston and Los Angeles, but are slowly expanding into new areas.

What makes the Equinox so remarkable?

Firstly, it is one of the most expensive gyms you could join and it shows the benefits for members.

It really is more like being a member of an exclusive group than joining a gym.

Sure, there's all the equipment and classes you could want, but you also get perks like rooftop pools (in some places), cold towels soaked in eucalyptus oil, full-service spas, steam rooms, and luxurious bathing areas with quality soaps (Kiehl's).

It's also worth noting that Equinox owns a few other well-known fitness brands like SoulCycle, PURE Yoga, Blink Fitness, and more.

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What is life?

Not to be outdone, Life Time is also known as one of the best health and fitness clubs in the country.

Since 1992, Life Time has provided some of the best fitness rooms, group fitness classes, personal training and water sports facilities you will find anywhere.

They're also a little easier to find than Equinox, with around 151 locations across the US and Canada.


Well that's a big one.

These two are among the most expensive gyms in the world, so let's split the costs as best we can.


Depending on the location and subscription package you choose, you may have to wait to get paidaround $185 per monthon the lower end to join Equinox and up to $500 per month.

You pay at the top for:

  • Access to prime locations in New York City and other major metropolitan areas
  • Access to multiple clubs across the country.

You can also expect a hefty admission fee of around $500.

compared to yoursaverage gym costabout $30-50 a month is too high a price.

Training at Equinox will cost between $2,000 and $3,000 per year. Yowza!

hope of life

Life Time is probably a lot cheaper than Equinox, but don't think it's cheap!

You pay around $60-$70 a month at the low end to access a single Life Time location.

If you want to switch between different clubs and access cutting-edge services, you can pay up to $140 a month.

As always, expect an admission fee and possibly an annual fee, although this can happen frequently.negotiated.

Both gyms have a huge fee, but you probably already knew that. Let's dig deeper to see if they're worth it.

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How early and what time do these meetings start?


Most Equinox clubs are open between 5am and 5pm. m. and 5:30 am. Monday to Friday and around 7am. m. the weekends.

They usually close around 11pm most nights or a little earlier on weekends.

Check with your local club as hours vary greatly depending on where you apply.

hope of life

Many Life Time locations are open 24 hours a day. Wow!

The rest have impressively long hours, typically operating from 4am to midnight most days.

(That's enough time to mop the floor and come back!)

Weekend and weekday hours are generally the same in most places.

When it comes to convenience and longer hours, Life Time definitely has the upper hand.


There is no clear winner here.

You must be very pleased with the range of devices from Equinox and Life Time.

(And if not, I don't know what to tell you... You'll be hard pressed to find a better equipped gym than these two.)

Both studios offer almost everything you need:

  • Dozens of cardio machines (treadmills, ellipticals, StairMasters, bikes and more)
  • Dumbbells up to and over 100 pounds
  • Free weights, dumbbells, max power racks, and Smith machines
  • resistance machines
  • Special equipment such as kettlebells, balance balls, etc.

Both also tend to have large installations and lots of people, so there's rarely a wait for a machine.

Additionally, both gyms have an exceptional reputation for clean, modern equipment.

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You must be happy anyway! But I always recommend taking a tour before signing a lease if you're looking for something specific.


Both clubs offer an exceptional range of group exercise classes, most of which are included in your membership.

It's funny: these gyms seem insanely expensive, but people can't help but pay over $100 a month for a yoga studio or a regular spin class.

Clubs like these offer access to all of that AND their own training.

Here's what's on the Equinox agenda:

  • cycle performance
  • Barre-Bootcamp
  • Above the waist (upper body strength)
  • Below the waist (lower body strength)
  • Elevate (treadmill class)
  • true bars
  • precision cannon
  • pilates
  • Yoga
  • and tons more

Here's what's on the Life Time agenda:

  • Meet Pilates
  • chisel
  • Discover group training
  • EDG-Skulptur
  • EDG cycle
  • PWR cycle
  • FLOW
  • alpha metcon
  • cut gtx
  • just force
  • pilates
  • BarreFusion
  • agua
  • bar strength
  • alfastark
  • and many more

Take a look at your local club's schedule and see if they have classes that match your interest and availability!

pool/spa area

Lifetime x Equinox: Features, Cost and Features Comparison (3)

When you're paying that much for a gym membership, you probably want some really good water fountains.

Let's see how these two stack up in terms of the group:


Many, if not all, Equinox clubs have beautiful indoor or outdoor pools.

(They are some of the most elegant.)

They are typically paired with outrageously luxurious hot tubs, steam rooms and full-service spas.

Sure, you have to pay extra for that hour-long full-body massage, but you get a discount on your birthday (yay!) and there's no better way to unwind after a workout.

hope of life

Life Time almost always offers an indoor and outdoor pool at its clubs.

In fact, that's often Joning Life Time's main selling point.

The indoor pools are great for swimming and water aerobics, while the outdoor pools are filled with slides, umbrella tables, kiddy pools, and more.

You'll want to bring the whole family here.

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Check local Equinox and Life Time for your specific pool setup, but expect a classy, ​​luxurious, grown-up vibe at Equinox and a big, flashy, family-friendly vibe at Life Time.

take a shower

The good news?

Both Equinox and Life Time have large, spacious and clean changing rooms with showers.

So if you're working out before work or another special occasion, fear not! You don't need to arrive drenched in sweat.

Equinox gets bonus points here for having absolutely beautiful huge showers with really good Kiehls bath products.


Both clubs have excellent child care facilities, making them ideal for working parents in desperate need of exercise and pampering.

In terms of quality, both are excellent, although Life Time has an absolutely outstanding reputation in the industry for the quality of its daycare and childcare services.

But here's how the two stack up in terms of price:


expect to pay around$7-14 per child per sessionto care for children at Equinox. Keep in mind that day care is not available in all locations (just over half of the Equinoxes have one).

You can sometimes reduce these costs by purchasing childcare units in packs of 10, 20, or more.

hope of life

You can add a junior (under 13) to your monthly subscription and get access to intermediate child care$15-20 per month, depending on the location

No matter how you look at it, daycare is cheaper on Life Time, but Equinox's model is nice because you don't have to pay for it every month; only if you need to.

the judgment

These are fantastic (and expensive) gyms and really cater to different types of people.

I recommend both overall, but…

You may prefer Equinox if:

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  • They want access to spa services, eucalyptus towels and other high-end luxuries.
  • You just need ad hoc childcare
  • They are willing to pay more for a more upscale environment.

You may prefer Life Time if:

  • They require frequent child care.
  • They want to take the kids to the pool.
  • You are on a "tighter budget" ($70-140 per month vs. $180 or more per month)

Hope this helps everyone!

And before you go, check out myGuide to the best gymsand this list offree training plansYou can start today.


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