OluKai Ohana vs. Oofos - Which Sandal Is More Comfortable? (2023)

Hawaiian Slipper FactorysorryKnown for making waterproof "adventure boots". However, I chose the less risky pair.UffOn a walking tour around the island. They are doing surprisingly well! Here is a detailed comparison between Olukai Ohana and Oofos.

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go throughNathan Allen

how do they look

Well, I think most reasonable people would agree with thatOlukai OhanasThey are more pleasing to the eye. They are discreet, elegant and modern.

oxygenUffOn the other hand, they are sold asOrthopedicor "regenerate" the string.

Yes, they look as bulky and "crocodile" as you might imagine, although I think that's by designit could be worse

OluKai Ohana vs. Oofos - Which Sandal Is More Comfortable? (2)

alreadyuglyEnough to justify me making a few jokes: "Just bought someshoesNow I'm going to start watching the weather channelI yell at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn”。

I feel like I'm wearing itpaddle under my feetAnd not many reviews mention it, but the sole is thick. If you're a little short, you'll love the over 1" bump. I'm already odd looking, so I'd rather have a little less "help" in that department. Ha ha.

Traction insole and outsole

Olukai Ohanas

The Olukai Ohana sandal is once again designed for the water and the beach, and even for hiking. The grip of the sole is fantastic. I read some reviews that the liner was a bit slippery when wet, but I ordered thisfamily military travelSandals (newer model?), if it was an issue before, it's definitely not an issue now. Perfect grip when wet.


Oofos is another story. The insole is smooth when wet and the sole canvery smoothon smooth, wet surfaces. I have to go every time it rainsAlways be very careful.My trek through the muddy jungle was difficult to say the least.

OluKai Ohana vs. Oofos - Which Sandal Is More Comfortable? (3)

One day, when the city suddenly started pouring rain, I took the last few steps and ran to the building's elevator. I hit a piece of wet cement and there was a bang. I'm on the floor. Luckily, no injuries...although my fall put a lot of pressure on the Oofos toe cap, the material didn't crack. aftera whole year of use

That's impressive. Speaking of long term...



As I mentioned, I used my Oofos for a full year before finally running out. Anyone who knows how I live knows I'm always on the move. I do a lot of hiking in the tropics, which puts a lot of stress on my shoes. I honestly didn't expect themscopelong time.

Many times I've been on trails or beaches and been overwhelmed by sticky mud or rising tides. toe strap on many other slippershitIn this case, but then again, Oofos never did.

OluKai Ohana vs. Oofos - Which Sandal Is More Comfortable? (4)

The soles have worn out this year. In the end I drilled a hole all the way through and glued them together until my Ohanas arrived. Ha ha. If I could get through the year in flip flops, most of us probably would.two. I was impressed.

Olukai Ohanas

I had higher expectations for durability from the Ohanas, but they certainly lived up to my expectations. After two months of fairly rigorous daily use, they're still going strong with barely any wear on the soles. Not much to say about that. they arehard

OluKai Ohana vs. Oofos - Which Sandal Is More Comfortable? (5)



You may now be wondering why I bought Oofos. Well, I'll tell you why...because I've tried it. Haha...seriously, wearing a pair of Oofos is kind of unrealistic. I have never experienced such a level of comfort -everyonebut.

I have aknee injuryA few years ago, my knees would now be so sore on long hikes (especially with heavy backpacks). When I started using Oofos, this didn't happen anymore.

They look like the floors of those fancy playgrounds you always walk on...you know, those playgrounds with soft, padded floors? Tip: ifrealUse Oofos in these playgrounds, yesdouble soft. You will be walking on clouds!

However, for some people, there is something like thisvery comfortable. Many hikers and adventurers prefer a stiffer sole, and I can see why.

family military travel

After using Oofos for a year, I was a little disappointed by how stiff the Ohana was when I first tried it. Still, after reading all the good reviews, I decided to give it a try.

The girl in the store recommended me a dress that fit. I wear a US size 10.5 and usually have to buy a size 11 if I don't have a half size. I bought 10 on her suggestion.

OluKai Ohana vs. Oofos - Which Sandal Is More Comfortable? (6)

do you want the truth After a week or two, I'm ready to give them back. my feet nevera lot of pain. I feel like my upper foot is really sore. I kept pressing and hoping to break them...like the reviewers said. This is an epic battle.

Then, after about a month of steady use, something magical happened. I don't know if my feet ended up with "compression molded midsoles" or hard calluses, but nowIt feels good.Comfortable and safe!

Oofos - pros and cons


  • ridiculously comfortable
  • About 30% cheaper
  • Light
  • He'll help you get senior discounts at Denny's


  • you have a boat on your feet
  • No grip when liner is wet/slippery
  • Very convenient for demanding applications
  • Chunky soles (gives unnecessary extra height to tall people)

(Continued below, but I hope you'll consider joining me...I'm a photographer and backpacker and I'm reviewing my favorite travel gear)

— Nathan Allen

OluKai Ohana vs. Oofos - Which Sandal Is More Comfortable? (7)

Family Travel - Pros and Cons


  • more elegant/better design
  • Good grip on any surface and in any condition
  • Sturdy but comfortable enough for hiking and trekking


  • 30% more expensive
  • The break-in period can be painful if you want the fit
  • a bit heavy

Common advantages of both parties

  • Very durable (especially Ohanas)
  • Dries quickly and is odorless on feet (which is a huge plus!)
  • Comfortable enough for all-day wear
  • They do not mark floor surfaces
  • Both are unisex (as far as I know?)

which couple is thisMore comfortable? i think the answer is simpleUff. They're actually the most comfortable I've ever worn.

If you're not as active (and picky) as I am, try a pair. You will be surprised.

However, due to my lifestyle (if I don't hurt myself) I will only buyOlukai OhanasAgain in the future...especially if they last more than a year, which I truly believe they will. They're some of the most expensive slippers you can buy, but they're durable and worth the money. (Update...3 or 4 years later...I'm back in California and still wear these Olukai seasonally. Love them!)

OluKai Ohana vs. Oofos - Which Sandal Is More Comfortable? (8)

When I first hit the rough roads with them, I realized how amazing they are. Although it is not as comfortable as Oofos, I still feel that my knee does not hurt and it is quite comfortable. Since they fit perfectly and are designed to be used in the water, I plan to lighten the weight of the water shoes on the pack - and justUse this for snorkeling too!

Tip: If you wear a half size down, don't take a size up to avoid the breakage period. Otherwise you'll have a big floppy disk dangling from your feet (did I just write this?)

Learn more about Oofos, Olukai sandals and morehere


— Nathan Allen


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