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Oofos Sandals for Women

Oofos produces women's sandals in a variety of colors and designs. Since they're moisture resistant, you don't have to worry about them breaking when exposed to pool water. Thanks to the antimicrobial material, you can even take a shower in the sandals after an intense workout. Oofos also designed these sandals to remove odor and dirt with ease.

Oolala Sandals

OOlala is one of the most popular patterns for women. These sandals come in sizes 5 to 11. They're just like your favorite flip flops, but with more support. These sandals feature a special type of Oofoam foam that makes you feel as if you're walking on clouds. Oofos has these shoes for $59.95.

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oh sandals

Do you love athletic flip flops and want to wear a pair every day? The OOahh sandal updates this classic look. Priced at $79.95, these sandals feature foam technology that absorbs over 35 percent of the impact on your feet. The unique footbed also reduces pressure on the feet and legs. This creates a curved crotch that matches your natural stride.

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Original Sports Sandals

The OOOoriginal sports sandal is another great option for the active woman. You can use these shoes for quick errands or just relaxing at home, they're also great for the outdoors. While reminiscent of standard flip-flops, these sandals feature a soft toe strap and some handy features like a pressure-relief footbed that conforms to the arch. The sandals are $69.95.

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OOahh Luxe Slip On Sandals

Do you love slideshows but want something unique? Their upper features a metallic pattern that's perfect for keeping you comfortable and stylish. When you snag this pair for $79.95, you can choose from a variety of styles, such as a kaleidoscope in purple and silver, and a black bandana in a black and white bandana.

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Ooahh Sport Stretch Sandals

Some women don't like sports sandals because their feet slip in and out as they walk. That's why Oofos now produces the OOahh Sport Flex sandal, which replaces the simple strap at the top with two parts joined by a Velcro strap. They retail for $84.95 and come in woodland camouflage (using a traditional print in shades of green and brown) and desert camouflage (using lighter shades).

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How to wear Oofos sandals?

We recommend that you review the Oofos Size Guide to make sure you find the right size. This guide will help you choose your size based on which US size you are wearing as well as a UK or EU size. You can also check your foot length to find the right size.

It's also worth a look at the rewards program and how to get $5 off when you sign up. Through this club, you can also earn points, which can be redeemed for discounts. Another way to save on Oofos sandals is through referrals. You'll earn extra points when you tell your friends about the site and they make a purchase. They will also receive a $15 referral discount.

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Oofos Size Guide

Oofos Men's Sandals

If you thought Oofos only made sandals for women, think again. Available in a variety of designs, these sandals have every feature you can imagine, including unique footbeds that reduce stress on your joints and foam that absorbs more of the impact your feet are accustomed to. Oofos' closed-cell technology allows you to inject steam into your washer without worrying about it falling apart. Below you will find all Oofos sandals for men.

Ooahh Sport Stretch Sandals

Most athletic sandals have only one strap that goes over the foot. If you put them on without socks, you will feel your feet are slipping and even take off your sandals. These sandals feature a classic top strap and separate Velcro side straps. Men's sizes 4 through 16 retail for $84.95.

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Primal Osendaria

Looking for simple sandals that go with everything? That's why Oofos created the OOrginial Sandal. Mimicking a classic flip-flop, these sandals feature a strap at the top that covers the foot and extends between the toes. Thanks to the curved design, you can walk comfortably without changing your natural stride. Available in blue and black, these $59.95 sandals will go with just about anything in your wardrobe.

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Original Sports Sandals

If you love OOOoriginal sandals, but want a sandal that can take on more adventures, try the OOOoriginal Sport Sandal. Oofos designed this sandal for men who need a wider footbed. These athletic sandals come in a variety of colors and designs, including:

  • forest camouflage
  • blue
  • graphite
  • Blanco
  • matte black

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Oohhh slip-on sandals

Like other Oofos flip flops, the OOahh Slide Sandal is comfortable enough to wear in place of flip flops at the end of the day. These sandals from Oofos are $59.95 in men's sizes 4 to 14.

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oh oh sports slide

Another sandal that can handle anything on your plate is the OOahh Sport Slide. These flip flops have a simple strap that covers the top of the foot and are open at the back and front for toe and heel movement. You can choose between dark navy and matte black or slate, which is a softer gray. The sandals are available in men's sizes 3 to 14, and are priced at $69.95 a pair.

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Original Sports Sandals

When you're at the tropical beach or fishing, feel cool and comfortable in the OOOOoriginal Sport Sandal from Oofos. These sandals feature a classic thong look with cross-toe straps to provide plenty of room for your feet. The brand sells them in men's sizes 4-14 for $69.95.

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Where can I wear Oofos sandals?

Oofos sandals fit just about any style you can think of. As mentioned, sandals are so comfortable, you might even want a pair to replace your old worn-out flip flops. Oofos has developed technology that absorbs more of the impact impacting the foot and reduces overall stress on the lower body.

Here are some of our favorite places to wear Oofos sandals:

  • When playing games like basketball with friends, you need more stability and support.
  • Use it at the beach when you don't want sand on your feet.
  • If you need to work out at home and want to stay comfortable.
  • When you're on vacation and sightseeing, you plan to spend a lot of time walking.
  • When you need to take your dog outside but don't want to mess with the laces of your running shoes.
  • Useful for running to the store and solving other tasks.
  • No matter where you want a good pair of comfortable sandals.

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Who is it for?

Joint pain affects people of all ages. Oofos makes sandals for those who want joint pain relief. The construction of the sandal relieves pain throughout the lower body and helps you feel comfortable on your feet for long periods of time. After a 12+ hour shift, you'll be happy to come home in these sandals.

Oofos sandals are also suitable for travelers who spend a lot of time on the road. You can wear them on the way from home to the airport, and easily take them off to go through security and put them back on before boarding the plane.

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Oofos makes sandals for all types of men and women.

Should you buy it?

In our opinion, Oofos sandals are worth the money. While you probably don't want to spend nearly $90 on a regular pair of sandals, they're unlike any other sandals you've tried before. They use a unique impact-absorbing foam technology to reduce pressure on the foot. All sandals feature a padded footbed that absorbs 37% more impact than other sandals.

Thanks to closed-cell technology, you can pop any of these sandals in the washing machine and have them cleaned in less than an hour. If you prefer to wash by hand, use any soft cloth and your favorite detergent to clean the sandals. Other things we love about the Oofos and their sandals include:

  • Signing up for the rewards program will help you qualify for huge discounts on Oofos sandals and shoes. Registration is free and offers an easy way to earn rewards and points.
  • If you live in the US, all orders are eligible for free shipping and free returns.
  • If you're not completely satisfied, Oofos promises you a 30-day return period.
  • Most sandals come in multiple sizes.

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Disadvantages to consider

In our Oofos review, we wanted to address any of the brand's shortcomings, as many customers complained about their experience with the company. Many customers report back pain after wearing sandals for 10-12 hours or more. Others experience ankle and knee pain.

We also found one buyer who chose to take advantage of the Oofos promise to return the sandal within the first 30 days for a full refund. Although the buyer printed a return label online with the brand's help, Oofos claims the sandals were never received and refused to refund them.

Other things to remember are:

  • The Oofos sandals cost a whopping $90 a pair, which is significantly more than other sandals cost.
  • There have been many complaints about the durability of the sandals, with many customers stating that the sandals broke within a few months.
  • Most sandals have a narrow insole that may not fit your foot properly.
  • While the sandals are comfortable, they don't have enough grip.
  • Some customers complained that the sandals had a lingering chemical smell.

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In addition to sandals, Oofus also produces many other types of footwear for men and women.

where to buy

Click hereWhen we're done with our Oofos sandal review, we'll take a look at all of the brand's popular styles, as well as sneakers and other footwear. After signing up, Oofos offers a $5 discount coupon and allows you to get even more discounts by referring friends.

Here are some ways to earn points:

  • Earn 15 points by sharing a link to a brand's breast cancer research project on Facebook.
  • Earn 20 points every time you buy shoes on our website and write a review.
  • Add 300 points to your online account when you refer a friend who buys from the site.
  • Earn 100 points when you spend $250 or more on an order.
  • Like Oofos on Facebook or Instagram and earn 30 points.

The more points you earn, the more you save with Oofos. You can get $5 off with just 100 points and $10 off with 200 points. If you reach 1,000 points, Oofos will let you redeem a $250 discount.

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When you become Oofos VIP, you will get more points and discounts.


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