Oofos vs Hoka Shoes: Brands and Products Compared (2023)

Oofos vs Hoka Shoes, which brand is best for you if you're looking for everyday comfortable recovery shoes? These products look similar at first glance, but are quite different from each other.


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Oofos and Hoka: A brand review

Oofos shoe brand

Oofos vs Hoka Shoes: Brands and Products Compared (1)

Compared with fashion's biggest names, Oofos is still young. Founded in 2011 by 4 footwear experts, Oofos is constantly improving and offering the best products for professionals and amateurs suffering from joint pain.

The key to success is an independently developed foam called OofoamTM. Compared to foam in shoes, this innovative material is able to absorb 30% to 37% of the impact of our activities. But that's not all.

The Oofos further complements your dream shoe with a clever insole design. As a result, their shoes lift the foot up, greatly reducing the impact on the lower body. From hip to knee, ankle to foot, you'll feel less stressed and less demanding when you wear these recovery shoes.

  • Orfus product series

The most popular line of Oofos products are recovery sandals in flip flops and flip flop styles. Both support the foot, but the straps could be more aesthetically pleasing.

The Oofos recovery shoe looks great even on the job and is your perfect cushioned shoe.

For slippers lovers, the Oofos clogs are a gift, available in a variety of colors and offering maximum comfort.

  • motto

Oofos' slogan is "Feel the OOO", and it really is. The comfort you feel when you put them on is definitely enough to make you say "OOOOOOOO". You might even think the shoe is weird, albeit in a positive sense.

Hoka Footwear Brand

Oofos vs Hoka Shoes: Brands and Products Compared (2)

Hoka is not a shoemaker, but was created and spawned in 2009 by two French runners. Over the past decade, they've worked hard to perfect and use advanced technology and smart designs, such as the PROFLY cushioning midsole for joint protection, J-Frame for structure, carbon fiber panels, and more.

With advanced technology, Hoka has really introduced a shoe with maximum cushioning and a low profile for any terrain, and the light weight is definitely another benefit for runners.

  • Hoka series products

Hoka is gaining more and more recognition for its running shoes with maximum comfort and minimum weight. Many athletes trust them, and in return, they also sponsor a large number of professional runners.

Their recovery sandals are a new attraction in the market, featuring clever designs and tough but not heavy materials.

  • motto

Hoka's tagline is "Time To Fly," which means their shoes are as light as a feather, and they don't actually brag about it. The design is also modern enough to take with you anywhere.

Oofos vs. Hoka: A General Comparison

Now we can analyze the difference between Oofos and Hoka in the product line through a sorted table. By organizing details into columns and rows, you can quickly narrow down some options.

set up2011, USA2009, France
men's productsOomg Fibra, Original, Ooahh, OoccloogClifton 8、Mach 4、Hoka Ora、Kawana、Bondi 7、Carbon X 3、Challenger ATR 6、Mafate Speed 3、Ora Recovery Slide
Feminine productsOolala Luxe, Ooahh, Original, OocloogArahi 6, Hopara, Clifton 8, Speedgoat 5, Ora recovery slide
Size rangeMale 3 - 16

Female 5 – 16

Men 4 - 14

5-11 women

Types of recovery shoessandals, boots, clogs, bootsshoes, sandals
special technologyOO foam reduces stress and strain.PROFLY features extra foot protection and a J-frame for active play.
cult productOOfoamTM is the hallmark and foundation of Oofos products.Meta-Rocker structure provides a smooth ride.

Oofos vs Hoka: Sandals and Flip Flops Compared

Recovery sandals and slippers from Oofos and Hoka are popular. However, they used different primary materials in their shoes and also forged their own paths in terms of technology and design. Let's take a look at the comparison table of Oofos and Hoka sandals.

Oofos flip flops and sandalsHoka slippers and sandals
MaterialopiankaEVA foam
stylemore styles
Libranot much differences
project– OOcando is a united group;

"The slides also look like a unified whole.

– Hopala has shoelaces;

– The slideshow is visually divided into sections.

Colea little more color
comfortablea little better
maintainboth are easy to maintain
durabilityHas greater potential to withstand tearing and stress
Sennaa little cheaper (but not much)


Oofos uses OOfoam in all of their sandals and shoes. In addition to their well-known impact and pain-relieving effects, Oofos sandals are also lightweight and antibacterial.

Hoka, however, relies on EVA foam and continues to develop formulations around the material. It is flexible, lightweight and extremely durable. More recently, they've combined traditional materials with carbon fiber panels and new synthetic components for better cushioning.

Oofos vs Hoka Shoes: Brands and Products Compared (3)


Oofos focuses on all genres, so each category has a different style.

  • For women, you can choose from Oolala Sandals, Oocandoo Sandals and Ooahh Sport Flex Sandals. The minimum cost is $54.95 and the maximum cost is $79.95.
  • For men, consider the Ooahh Slide, Ooriginal Sport, and Ooahh Sport Flex Sandals (Men's Edition). They can charge your wallet anywhere from $49.95 up to $80.

As far as Hoka is concerned, the options are somewhat limited.

You'll get Ora Recovery Slides for all genders (solid or patterned), Ora Recovery Flips for women, and Hopara. Fortunately, they are available in a variety of colors to best suit your taste.


Both brands focus on recovery, so they're never too heavy to wear. The Oofos Ooaah Men's Sandal in size 6 weighs approximately 130 grams while the Hoka One-one size 6 weighs 180 grams. The difference is of course not much.

Of course, as you go up in size, the weight goes up a bit, but not by much.


  • sandals

Carry a pair of Oofos sandals in hand for a unified impression. From the traditional Oolala style to the sporty OOcando designs, they wrap the foot as a whole while still leaving plenty of room for ventilation.

Hoka sandals, meanwhile, come with laces and straps. Therefore, they appear more athletic and active. Like the Oofos, they have openings on the sides to allow air to circulate and prevent sweat from building up.

  • presentation

We mentioned that Oofos footwear is a whole with no separate parts, and that applies to their flip flops as well. Even the upper flap and toe cap are connected to the rest and made of the same material.

Hoka products, on the other hand, consist of different parts such as sole, insole, strap and toe cap. Additionally, the straps and toe caps are always made of fabric.

Oofos vs Hoka Shoes: Brands and Products Compared (4)


Both brands offer customers a variety of colors to choose from, but Oofos might be a little ahead of its time. They range in color from cool, dark shades like black, gray, and dark blue to bright summer shades (red, orange, and yellow). Hoka, meanwhile, leans more towards darker colors.


In the two new products, the Oofos Ooaah Sandals and the Hoka One-One ORA Recovery Slide 2, the upper is combined in one piece with the same material as the sole. Oofos advocates a two-striped look, while Hoka uses seven. Many Hokas have this feature, so you may find that Hoka is a better fit.


  • Uff

The biomechanical design of the Oofos Ooaah Sandal gives you the arch support you need. The midsole molds to your foot and shapes a near-natural arch. The surface has a smooth texture to prevent unwanted sliding. The toe box is also comfortable, with extra room for the footbed.

The cons mostly depend on what you expect from Oofos. If you have a high instep, the instep adjustment won't reach you all the way. Or, if you need something firm under your feet, the foam might not be up to the mark.

  • Disappointed

The most obvious difference between the Hoka is the EVA material and the cup shape, which fits better around the heel.

As if a round heel wasn't safe enough for them, Hoka decided to give the top of the midsole a unique lug pattern. You'll never feel like your slip-on sandals are slipping with your step.


With the Oofos sole, you'll need to wear a sandal to really feel the slight curvature in the front. This detail adds a little spring to your movements, helping you walk comfortably. If you are experiencing these features for the first time, it may take some getting used to.

As you play and try them on, you can feel the Hoka sole seem to separate from the midsole, making it more durable and dense. The wide platform provides more stability than the Oofos and makes the rocker in the forefoot less sensitive.


Research projects have proven that OOfoam can absorb up to 40% of the pressure on the buttocks and legs, and it looks pretty scary! Surprisingly, contrary to what one might think, it requires very little maintenance. Since it's waterproof, odor-resistant, and bacteria-resistant, it's easy to wash and keep clean.

EVA foam makes up a large portion of Hoka footwear. It won't stain or tear easily, but you can remove built-up grime using a number of methods: baby wipes, baking soda, lemon juice, cold water washing, and more.


When shopping for Oofos foam sandals and flip flops, we probably want to go to the beach, the gym bathroom, and more. Thanks to its antibacterial and odor reducing properties, you can enjoy your activities worry-free. If a room suddenly smells bad, it's definitely not yours.

Due to the aforementioned construction, it has a greater potential to withstand tearing and stress than Hoka and its multi-part forms. However, once the unified structure is destroyed, it cannot be recovered.


Recovery sandals are the cheapest range of Oofos products. With a budget of $60-$85, you can have any pair of sandals from the brand. However, the price is still higher than most retail sandals. They have priority shipping to the US and a point system for repeat customers!

Hoka is only slightly cheaper than Oofos. For most people, the difference isn't enough to be a problem.

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Who is the winner?

so the battle betweenOofos and Hoka SlidesIt ends in a tie and your preference will determine the winner. If you want a chunky midsole and toe, the Hoka is your friend.

The Oofos, on the other hand, are ready to offer more softness in the midsole and surface. Either way, the Oofos vs Hoka Recovery Flip Flops are something you won't regret.

We hope this article brought you more information on the differences between Oofos and Hoka recovery boots. The similarities will help you shape the shoe of your dreams, while the differences will help you make a decision.


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