Optimizing for YouTube | Best Descriptions for Channels and Videos Yellow HEAD (2023)

You can have the perfect YouTube video, but how do you get people to actually watch it? Learn what to add to your YouTube videos and channel descriptions to get more views, followers and engagement.

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  • Optimize YouTube channel description
  • Tips for the Best YouTube Channel Description
  • YouTube Channel Description Checklist
  • Optimizing the Channel Description Template
  • How to Edit YouTube Channel Description
  • How to Update Your YouTube Channel Tag
  • YouTube video description optimization
  • Tips for Creating Great YouTube Video Titles and Descriptions
  • Great example of a YouTube description
  • Final Thoughts on Creating Great YouTube Subtitles

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Before you hit "Publish Now," it's important to optimize your YouTube channel and video description for search engines. We've rounded up our tips for creating the best SEO-optimized channel and video descriptions on YouTube.

Optimize YouTube channel description

The YouTube channel description is the text on the channel's "About" page. It helps viewers understand what they can expect from your brand and is the perfect place to feature your homepage:

Below is the recommended YouTube channel description format.In the Channel Customization section under Channel Customization, the following details are available to channel administrators.

1. Description

  • Tell your audience about your channel. It'll appear at the top of the "About" section, in search results, and more.
  • The character limit for YouTube descriptions is1000 characters.
  • hint: Set upload schedule. This allows viewers to predict when your next video will be released.

2. Details

This will be displayed on the channel's homepage and include the selected location and official email address. This part is based on business data and target audience.

The channel's email address can be found in the "Custom Channels" section of the "Contact Information" section.

The channel's country can be found in the "Channel customization" section in "Settings" → "Channels" → "Country of residence".

3. Channel URL

The channel's default URL, including the channel's unique ID.

4. link

This is where you refer people to your website and social media accounts. This is great for promoting your work outside of YouTube and gaining new followers.

about section (frontend and backend)

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Editor appearance:

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Tips for the Best YouTube Channel Description

Before learning the tips on how to write the most attractive and SEO-friendly YouTube description, remember that the description should be at least 250figuredistant. In addition, the first100 to 150 charactersYour channel description is the most important.

Why? Because only YouTube is shown in the search results100 to 150 charactersin the section next to your channel. This is where you can shine and attract viewers to your latest cute cat video.

Now prompt for the description of the YouTube channel.

1. Keyword Research

Come up with a word that best describes your channel. This will be your main keyword, sometimes called your "primary keyword" or "starting keyword." Are these cute cat videos (no, we're not cat-obsessed) or are they marketing tricks? Narrow down your niche. The more specific the better.

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Enter this primary keyword nowVideo IQLearn about competition and keyword difficulty.In addition to this tool, we haveYellow HEADAccess to other keyword tools, including agency developer kits for our clients' SEO and user acquisition needs.

Certain types of tools are available for analyzing keyword relevance and trends. The main tools are SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs.

A free tool that can be very helpful during research is thegoogle trends, which provides information by search term, specific keywords in a specific time range, custom time range, competition, and most importantly, search types (including YouTube searches).

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Popular keywords have high search volume and low competition results. However, if the competition is high and the channel is new, it is unlikely to appear on the search results page.

instead of playingUse different keywords, experimenting with synonyms and other variations until you find one:

  1. It's great for channels.
  2. It has very low competition.

Create five more keywords in addition to your main keyword. These will be your secondary keywords. They are an extension of the main keyword with more emphasis on the channel niche. Most importantly, they will help YouTube rank your channel for more keywords.

Take this process slowly—it's an important step toward future results.

PS Every video also do this process.

2. Put keywords front and center

Once you find your golden keywords, use them first with your brand keywords (company name)100-150 characters.

Must be configured in the following format: Primary Keyword + Brand Keyword + Secondary Keyword

3. Always use complementary keywords

For the rest of the description, use your primary keyword no more than two or three times. If used more often, it might be flagged for keyword stuffing. Then add these secondary keywords to the rest of the description. Using secondary keywords increases your chances of ranking for other search terms.

Professional advice:After your CTA, add your primary and secondary keywords as hashtags at the end of your description (use only five so it doesn’t look spammy).

4. Tell the audience what to expect

Let your audience know what they can expect from your channel. Will they learn something new? Watching cute cat videos to brighten their day? get the latestperformance marketingrenew? Please also let us know how often you can expect new videos. every day? weekly? moon?

5. The value of the offer

Always include an obvious value proposition in your description. Why should anyone subscribe to this channel? How will your video benefit them? Try to answer at least one of these questions in a simple way.

Make sure you always write for your audience. What's in it for them? What will they think?

If you cite external sources, be sure to link to them.

6. Include a call to action

Now that you've got your audience's attention, use it to your advantage! Add a CTA (call to action) to your video and channel description. The best CTAs are clear, urgent, and demonstrate a clear benefit to the audience. Encourage viewers to like, comment, subscribe or read more. Some examples are "Subscribe for more" or "Subscribe now".

A well-crafted CTA can drive views, engagement, subscriptions, and any other action you want your audience to take.

moreexamples z CTAS does YouTube: SUBSCRIBE for more daily tutorial videos or SUBSCRIBE NOW for weekly cute kitty videos to make your week more exciting.

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7. Update Feed Tab

Channel tags are another way to tell YouTube what your channel is about. Include your primary keywords, brand keywords, secondary keywords, and any other words that are relevant to your content. Don't worry about the number of searches; remember to put the most important keywords first, separated by commas.

YouTube Channel Description Checklist

Below is a YouTube channel description template that works for many brands.

  • oh:Tell me what the channel is about. Use your primary keyword + hashtag + secondary keyword in the first150 characters.
  • benefit:How will viewers benefit from watching your videos and following your channel? what can they expect How often can they expect new content?
  • Timestamp:Add a timestamp with a description of the appropriate video section.
  • Key words:Use keywords throughout the description.
  • social media:List the social channels and other links you want your audience to see.
  • Reuse the main keyword:At the end of the description, repeat the main keyword.
  • Call to action:Include a call to action.
  • Label:Use appropriate hashtags everywhere!

Optimizing the Channel Description Template

About [your channel]
Welcome to the official YouTube channel of [your channel name]!

[Channel Name] is the [Primary Keyword] that gives [adjective] flavor to [everything your brand does] and is one of the most popular [Secondary Keyword] among [Target Audience].


We upload [frequency: daily/weekly/monthly/etc] [your content - second keyword #1] and [your content - second keyword #2] and [your - Video of the second keyword 3].

[call to action]
Sign up now to get [benefits] and [desired conversion actions such as purchases/downloads/clicks] to get started!

#Primary keyword #Brand name #Secondary keyword1 #Secondary keyword2

[social channels]

Play more [channel name]:

🌍 Check out our website: [site URL when ready]

📸 Inspire-se has no Instagram: [@username]

🐦 Follow us on twitter: [link]

📕 Join our family on Facebook: [Facebook Page Link]

▶️Registration: [direct link to your registration page. Create it by adding "?sub_confirmation=1:" to the end of your feed URL.

Professional advice:Put the link in a URL shortener, e.g.A little bit.It redirects the user directly to the subscription page.

How to Edit YouTube Channel Description

  1. From the YouTube homepage, click on your picture in the top right corner and select "Your Channel".
  2. Select "Custom Channel".
  3. There will be three tabs under "Customize Channel": Layout, Branding, and Basic Information.
  4. Select Basic Information.
  5. Update the channel name and description in the textbox.
  6. Click Publish to save your changes.

How to Update Your YouTube Channel Tag

  1. Go to "Customize My Channel".
  2. In the lower left corner you will see "Configuration".
  3. Then click Channels.
  4. Under "Basic Information" you will have an empty field with "Keywords".
  5. Here you add tags separated by commas.

Professional advice:At the publisher level, set your current country to increase the credibility of your channel and target your audience.

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Once there is a channelSearch Engine OptimizationOptimized and as long as you post consistently and regularly, it will slowly start showing for your chosen keywords, which is something viewers and subscribers can look forward to.

The next step is to optimize each video before launch and try to get as much engagement as possible within the first 24 hours. That means promoting it on all social media channels.

Great example of a YouTube channel description

Example 1: Consider the media

Optimizing for YouTube | Best Descriptions for Channels and Videos Yellow HEAD (9)

Example 2: Bundesliga

Optimizing for YouTube | Best Descriptions for Channels and Videos Yellow HEAD (10)

Example 3: Speech

Optimizing for YouTube | Best Descriptions for Channels and Videos Yellow HEAD (11)

Bonus: YouTube Video Description Optimization

YouTube video description guidelines are similar to channel descriptions, but with one addition: timestamps! Include timestamps in various important parts of the video. Here is an example:

1:00 Cute kittens chasing each other

2:50 dog chasing kitten

Tips for Creating Great YouTube Video Titles and Descriptions

  • keep title70 charactersor less(Video titles are limited to100 characters).
  • capitalize the first letter of each wordin your header.
  • Start with your main keywordvideo title.
  • useTitle AnalyzerImprove your final title.
  • Each video description is limited to5000 characters.Keep it simple and describe the main idea of ​​the video.
  • Add the three main hashtags to the end of the video title. These hashtags will appear above the title. (Example: #MainKeywordVideo #VideoSecondaryKeyword #BrandName)
  • Use hashtags in your description
  • Use numbers and other characters "({[\|", etc.) to attract attention
  • Include a call to action

Basic Title Template

(Any combination of keywords, something of interest + quantity + CTA) | Tags

example:11 Tips for YouTube Videos: Optimize for Rankings! | mark

Final Thoughts on Creating Great YouTube Subtitles

There are many strategies for writing great YouTube channel and video descriptions that can help people and brands increase awareness and engagement. In any case, the most important thing is to be authentic and write naturally. This will keep your audience entertained and coming back for more.

Are you looking for YouTube optimization services or just have a question?contact us!

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For more professional advice on SEO, ASO, marketing, and more, check outBlog YellowHEADand subscribeannouncement.


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