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Whether you're an avid Pilates enthusiast or a shy beginner, you've probably heard of Club Pilates. This reformer-based Pilates studio puts a modern twist on the classic methods that have made it a cult favorite. Unfortunately, such courses often have a high price. How much does a Club Pilates subscription cost?

A basic Club Pilates subscription costs $89 per month and is worth it as it includes 4 classes. You can upgrade to an advanced plan that costs 8 courses per month for $159. The most affordable Club Pilates plan is the $199 All Access Subscription because you can take classes every day for one low price.

While Club Pilates is a cult favorite, it comes at a pretty steep price. Why are these courses so expensive? Are they really worth it? Let's take a closer look at these questions, along with other common questions people have about Club Pilates and their memberships.


  • What is the Average Cost of a Pilates Class?
  • What is the Pilates Club Passport?
  • Why is Club Pilates so expensive?
    • Can I freeze my Club Pilates membership?
    • What happens if you cancel Club Pilates late?
  • Does Club Pilates have an application fee?
  • Is the Pilates Club worth it?
    • Why should you do Pilates?
    • Pros and cons of the Pilates club
  • Can you lose weight with Club Pilates?
    • Can Pilates Reduce Belly Fat?
    • Club Pilates Success Story
  • What is Club Pilates Go?
  • What is Club Pilates 1.5?
  • Pilates Club Locations

What is the Average Cost of a Pilates Class?

Depending on your studiesPilates classes can average anywhere from $50 to $150 for a single class, which usually lasts about 1 hour.Club Pilates offers free First ClassSo you can try it out and decide if you want to proceed before purchasing a package.

You can also purchase in-person courses whenever you want, for $25 to $35 per course, depending on your location. If you're looking to save the most money on your Club Pilates membership, consider purchasing the All-Access Pass for $199 per month, which brings the average class price down to less than $7 per class if you plan on going every week .

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lesson packCost
Aula Einzel (Drop-In)$ 25-35
4 pack89 $
8er Pack159 $
10 pack229 $
full access199 $

What is the Pilates Club Passport?

For Club Pilates enthusiasts who travel frequently, you have the option of choosing a Club Pilates Passport.

With this passportYou have access to all Club Pilates studios across the country.Passport membership prices vary, but are generally slightly more expensive than All Access membership.

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Why is Club Pilates so expensive?

When comparing Pilates classes to other fitness classes,those who become certified to teach Pilates usually require more extensive training., effort and costs. Because of this, many Pilates classes, including Club Pilates, tend to have a higher price per class to offset the high cost of a good instructor.

Not only that butPilates classes are also usually smaller., to ensure the instructor can help all students with their form. Smaller classes usually mean higher costs to compensate. Classes that are available to a large group of people allow for a lower price per class as they make more money from a single class than those with smaller classes.

Finally,Pilates has grown in popularity and has become a trending exercise class.which increases demand. The more people who want to take the courses, especially those offered in small groups, the more courses should be available. More classes require more teachers, which require more money.

Can I freeze my Club Pilates membership?

Life happens and you might face a scenario where you need to stop your beloved workout. If you are a member of the Pilates Club,You can freeze your subscription for up to 3 months. Some studios charge a small fee, averaging around $15, to freeze your subscription, but this varies by location.

In some situations this fee can be waived, for example during the pandemic which has forced many studios to close for a period of months. Members were not charged a fee as they were unable to attend study classes during this time.


What happens if you cancel Club Pilates late?

Fees, cancellation and no-show policies vary by location and package.If you cancel your Club Pilates class within 12 hours of your class time, you will be charged a late cancellation fee averaging $10.

If you cancel 1 hour before class time, arrive more than 5 minutes late, or do not show up, you will be charged a no-show fee averaging $15.and loss of tuition if you have purchased a tuition package.

We recommend booking your courses in advance as they are smaller and fill up quickly. Some trainers are also more in demand than others. Late cancellations or no-shows will take away a seat you could have given someone else.

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Does Club Pilates have an application fee?

Some Club Pilates locations charge a small entrance fee that varies by studio.The average application fee is $59plus the cost of the package of your choice. Many Club Pilates studios also offer incentives for new members to sign up, so always check with your local studio for more information on promotions and offers.

Once you purchase a membership package, you enter into a 3-month contract that results in a $100 cancellation fee if you decide not to proceed. The reason Club Pilates requires a 3 month commitment is that once you start practicing Pilates regularly, it takes that long to see changes in your body.

Is the Pilates Club worth it?

While it may seem like a high price for someone new to Pilates, Club Pilates is very reasonably priced compared to many boutique studios.Anyone who does Pilates regularly can say that it is worth it.For the majority.

However, everyone is different when it comes to their preferred study and training environment.

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Because they offer a free first class and only require a 3 month commitment, Club Pilates is a great way to immerse yourself in the world of Pilates reformer classes.

Why should you do Pilates?

There are many reasons why someone chooses Pilates exercises. As with any form of exercise, regular Pilates can:

  1. Helps improve energy levels.
  2. Support a healthy body weight
  3. Improve posture and balance.
  4. improve muscle tone
  5. increase trust

Many also find Pilates classes to be a wonderful social event. Because the classes are smaller, they tend to be tighter, allowing you to connect with others who have similar health and fitness goals.

Pros and cons of the Pilates club

Club Pilates isn't for everyone, but there are many benefits for those who love it. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of joining Club Pilates.

AdvantagesIn contrast
Small classes with more individual instruction.high price
Fantastic low impact workout.Class times vary and may not work with all class schedules
Excellent for beginners or advanced.Must be willing to commit at least 3 months.
A variety of different lesson packages to suit most needsStrict cancellation and no-show fees at most locations

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Can you lose weight with Club Pilates?

Pilates has gained traction in the health and fitness world for its gentle yet highly effective muscle building techniques. Unfortunately, if you started your Pilates journey to help with weight loss, you may not notice much of a difference.

Pilates focuses on muscle strengthening so you can see visible improvements in muscle tone. However, this is often not reflected in the scale.

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For those looking to work harder to lose weight, consider a combination of Pilates and aerobic exercise like running or swimming.

Can Pilates Reduce Belly Fat?

Because Pilates focuses on strength training techniques, it can be effective for toning muscles specifically in the abdominal area. While Pilates cannot specifically target and eliminate belly fat, it does.Increasing abdominal muscle tone can help improve fat distribution in some stubborn areas like the abdomen.

Club Pilates Success Story

Club Pilates is popular for a reason, people love it. In addition to the fun atmosphere, Pilates has helped many people improve their health and fitness, just look at Jen.

When Jen started her Pilates class at the club, she knew she was hooked. She described her experience as entertaining, stimulating, relaxing and more. ClickHereto see the success story of Jens Club Pilates.

What is Club Pilates Go?

Club Pilates GO, also known as Xpotential+ or simply XPLUS, is a subscription offered by Club Pilates forLive and on-demand classes instead of going to the studio.If you are new to Club Pilates GO, you can book a free 30-day trial to try it out. After the trial period is over, you can cancel your subscription at any time and will continue to have access to the courses until the end of your billing period.

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What is Club Pilates 1.5?

Club Pilates has different grade levels based on experience. Its levels vary from level 1, level 1.5, level 2 and level 2.5 and increase with experience and speed. Level 1 courses are designed for Pilates beginners to help them build a foundationLevel 1.5 allows more progressions than level 1.As you gain more experience in Pilates, you can advance to higher levels for more challenging classes.

These different levels allow Club Pilates members to continue to feel challenged as they progress in their practice. To avoid injury and ensure limb success, you must advance through the various levels starting with level 1 before moving on to the next. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the specific requirements and what to expect at each level as listed on the Club Pilate website.

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Pilates Club Locations

Would you like to become a member of the Pilates Club? You are not alone. Don't worry, Club Pilates is a national franchise with over 700 locations across the United States. To find a Club Pilates Studio near you,Click here.


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