What You Need to Know About 16 Foot Truck Rentals | On-Road Trucks (2023)

Are you moving soon? Are you considering hiring a 16ft truck to help you move? Do you need more information on the pros and cons of renting a 16ft van before making your final decision? If you are in a similar situation, this article may help you.

16 feet. A flatbed truck is ideal for moving, but renting one can be expensive. The lessee has to pay to lease the truck and then pay a small fee for each additional mile on the truck, which can add up to a lot. These box trucks can hold a lot of cargo and come with bars or planks to help keep items in place.

To learn all about 16ft truck rentals, keep reading!


  • 1 How much is the rent?
  • 2 How many passengers can it carry?
  • 3 specifications of 16-foot van
  • 4 Noteworthy Features
  • 5 truck ramp weights and 16 feet of loading power
  • 6 How much weight can a 16ft flatbed truck carry?
  • 7 How big is a 16ft van?
  • 8 What can fit in a 16ft Box Truck?
  • 9 How to pack the 16m truck?
  • 10 10ft Trucks vs 10ft Trucks vs 16ft Trucks

How much is the rent?

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The price of renting one16ft vanVaries by company. While the main reason for price differences is the difference in leasing companies, it is also due to differences in estimated mileage, mileage, liability, fuel, environmental fees, and taxes. Typically, trips of less than 50 miles cost $124 to $200, while trips of 50 to 250 miles cost $200 to $600 per day to the final destination. Rental box truck.

An example is traveling from Seattle, Washington to Cleveland, Ohio. The rental price is typically $995, the environmental fee is $9, accident insurance is about $161, and the truck runs a total of $1,165 per day. You can always ask the rental company for an estimated quote before deciding to find the best price, but this is a pretty standard price for most 16-foot flatbed trucks rented from Seattle to Cleveland.

How many passengers can it carry?

With most of the truck's space made up of the 5 meters of storage space in the rear, there isn't much room for passengers in front of the cab. That said, there is limited room for passengers, in addition to the driver, to accompany the truck between locations. Consider and determine how many people and who will be traveling in the truck cab to ensure there is enough space and seating for all travelers. If you are carrying more people than the cab can accommodate, consider driving the car alone rather than hauling them to the back of the truck.

The cab of a 16-foot box truck can usually accommodate two adults, with room for a child seat comfortably if needed. You can bring three adults if necessary, but you should not seat your child in the cabin with more than two adults, as the seat belts are not sufficient for more than three people at a time. This is to ensure that you arrive at your destination comfortably and safely.

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16ft Van Specifications

While these dimensions vary depending on the company you rent your 16ft flatbed truck from, these are standard 16ft flatbed truck dimensions, which are very common for flatbed trucks of this length. Interior dimensions are 16' long, 7' 7" wide, and 6' 6" high. Cargo space is 800 cubic feet and living space is 120 square feet. Gross vehicle weight up to 12,500 pounds and gross cargo weight up to 4,300 pounds. The fuel tank holds up to 33 gallons and gets 12 miles per gallon.

It's important to understand that these are basic numbers and measurements. Not all 16ft box trucks will have this space, some will have more, some will have less; it all depends on where you lease and how much work space you need for the make, model and year. Fuel economy also depends on load weight, driving terrain and other driving factors.

Noteworthy Features

One of the advantages of using a 16-meter van to travel and transport items is not only that there is a large amount of space for storing and transporting items, but also the design of the front cabin can guarantee the driver and passengers a comfortable time while driving. Some of the cabin features on this 16-foot box truck include an automatic transmission, air conditioning and heating, seating for two, a V-8 engine, a translucent roof, and cab lighting for dark driving.

In addition to these features, the cab comes with anti-lock brakes for emergency braking, rear-facing mirrors, a cargo lift, power steering and a roll-up tailgate. There's a 1,000-pound loading ramp beneath the roll-up door, which also provides access to tie bars when the door is closed. AM/FM radio is also available, or AUX or USB import if you prefer. This trolley is also suitable for towing a vehicle or attaching a trailer.

Truck Ramp Weight and 16-Foot Load Capacity

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Not only is it important to know how much a 16ft flatbed truck can fit into a box, it's also important to know the weight and loading capacity of the ramp so you know what the ramp can do to help you with your load and what you might need. Additional assistance is available to load if ramp weight regulations are not met. The ramp has a maximum load capacity of 1,000 lbs. This means that anything under 1,000 lbs can use the loading ramp and put it in a crate, but if it exceeds the 1,000 lb limit, there is a risk of damaging the ramp and potentially damaging heavy items during transit.

It is important to use loading dock access so that you do not injure yourself, others, or your property when attempting to load or otherwise load cargo. To make loading the truck easier and safer, ramps were installed.

How Much Weight Can a 16ft Flatbed Carry?

Don't assume that just because a 16 foot box truck can carry more volume it can carry more volume than a 10 foot box truck. It doesn't depend on the length of the truck, but on how it was designed and built. The maximum weight a stroller can carry can usually be determined by a small sticker that the manufacturer puts on the stroller door. Before loading anything on your truck, check the sticker to make sure it will hold up to the load you will be carrying; otherwise, something will not fit in the truck.

  • Penske:A 16ft box truck can carry up to£4,300
  • Transportation U:A 15ft box truck can carry up to£6,385
  • Transportation U:A 17-foot box truck can carry up to£6,160.
  • promise:A 16ft box truck can carry up to£7,500
  • Budget:A 16ft box truck can carry up to£4,460.
  • Ryder:A 16ft box truck can carry up to£6,000.

Before renting a van, you should estimate how much your belongings will weigh in total, and if you're not sure, you can ask the rental staff and they'll help you choose the best option for you.

The 16ft truck can hold beds, couches, and other large household items, so if you look at the truck's weight, you can be sure it's not carrying too much weight.

How big is a 16ft van?

If you are unable to inspect the truck in person or pick it up on moving day before it arrives, it may be helpful to have some basic measurements and information on your 16m flatbed truck before it arrives. Know and measure how you want to place items strategically in your truck to make sure everything fits.

  • Penske 16 Dogs:Interior Dimensions: 16' L x 7' 7". W x 6' 6". High.
    • 800 cubic feet of cargo area.
  • U-shaped haulage for 15 people:Interior Dimensions: 15' L x 7' 8". W x 7' 2". High.
    • 764 cubic feet of cargo area.
  • U-Haul 17 people:Inside Dimensions: 16' 9". L x 7'8" W x 7'2". High.
    • 865 cubic feet of cargo area.
  • 16 feet company:Interior Dimensions: 16'L x 8'W x 7'5". High.
    • 960 cubic feet of cargo area.
  • Budget16 feet:Interior Dimensions: 16'L x 6'3". W x 6'7". High.
    • 658 cubic meters. cargo area feet
  • Ridra16 feet:Interior Dimensions: 16'L x 8'W x 7'5". High.
    • 960 cubic feet of cargo area

A 16ft box truck fits 2-3 bedrooms. The truck cab can accommodate 2 adults or 2 adults and 1 child. Behind the truck is a 1,000-person loading dock and a 33-liter fuel tank with 20 miles per gallon. From the floor up, boxes can be stacked up to 120 feet, 800 cubic feet. With a load capacity of 400 lbs, you should try to stay below or not exceed it.

What can a 16m van truck hold?

You can place a variety of items in the cargo area of ​​a 16ft box truck, but if you need examples to help you understand what to pack and prepare, here are some estimates of what you can place. You can hold up to 3,500 pounds of cargo with up to 350 medium boxes, or up to 50 large boxes if you prefer to use fewer boxes. The truck is perfectly sized for moving a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, or even a small business if you plan to do so in the near future.

How to pack the 16m truck?

To load a 16-meter truck, it is necessary to load large and heavy items on the back of the truck, and try to put the heaviest boxes on the back of the truck. By back, I mean these should be the first items on the truck. If you're on the outside of the truck, this will be the part closest to the driver.

You don't want to end up with a lot of cargo, so keep it close to the doors and the back of the truck. This can cause a weight imbalance and make it hard to steer on the highway and when cornering. If you pack the heaviest items first, you can balance the weight of the facts more evenly.

10ft Truck vs 16ft Truck

3ft box trucks and 16ft trucks are two of the most common sizes people rent to transport items, especially over long distances. These are the two most common sizes, so knowing and deciding which one to choose for any purpose or need can be confusing.

If you're wondering whether to use a 3ft box truck instead of a 16ft box truck, here's a good example of what it can hold. If you own a studio or one-bedroom apartment, a 3-meter truck is perfect for transporting that amount of packages. The 3-meter box truck has a cargo volume of 402 cubic feet and can carry up to 2,800 pounds. If you have larger furniture such as a 4-piece dining table, chaise lounge, king-size bed, and other large crates, a 3ft box truck should be able to easily accommodate all of these items without feeling cramped.

If you're wondering if you should get a 16ft box truck instead of a 3ft box truck, and it takes up more space than a one bedroom or studio apartment, it's safe to assume you won't have a 3ft truck that won't fit you Want to transport everything, so it will be in your best interest to have an extra 6ft truck so you can accommodate everything in a way that it doesn't need to. Don't risk damaging or breaking furniture or fragile items.


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