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A casual glance at a manufacturer's model list will reveal that vans come in many different sizes and come in a variety of shapes. While some models are general enough to fit a wide range of tasks, there are specific models for more precise tasks.
Find out which is right for you by learning the difference between a dump truck and a Luton, and what to expect from small, medium and large trucks.

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van derived from passenger car

Under the law, the definition of a commercial vehicle is clear, and it is not enough to remove the seats from a station wagon and declare it a van.
In order to be able to define a commercial vehicle derived from a passenger car, it must be a vehicle that was originally designed as a passenger car but has been converted into a commercial vehicle. Rear side windows are not permitted - instead the rear door windows are replaced by sheet metal or fixed frosted glass windows. It must also not have rear seats, seat belts or anchorage points, and must have a secured cargo area with a floor at the rear. There is usually a partition between the cargo area and the front seats to prevent cargo from entering the cabin. These types of vans are only used to transport small loads, as the definition also states that they are designed to weigh a maximum of 2.0 tonnes. (including charging) After fully charged. They are based on passenger car designs, or can be built on platforms designed and developed as passenger cars or vans. Examples include the Vauxhall Corsavan. Since they are essentially the same as cars, they are subject to the same speed limits as passenger cars - i.e. 30 mph in built-up areas, 60 mph on single carriageways, 70 mph on dual carriageways, 70 mph on the highway. If you don't know if your vehicle is a passenger car-derived van, you can check for it on the weight plate, which is usually located on the door sills or under the hood. If the stated gross vehicle weight is greater than 2.0 tons, it is not a commercial vehicle. If you are still unsure, you can check the V5 log file where you can find the vehicle listed as "CDV".Click here to search Vans from Motors in our classifieds ad

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When asked to describe a wagon, the shape most people imagine is a wagon. It usually consists of a passenger cabin with two or three seats abreast and a storeroom accessed through a door at the rear or usually on the side.
Box sizes come in three generally accepted sizes, broadly categorized as small, medium, and large. Smaller models typically have a load capacity of 600 to 900 kg, while internal lengths for loads start at around 1800 mm. Examples include the Citroen Berlingo, Fiat Doblo, Peugeot Partner and Ford Transit Connect, nearly all of which are two-seaters. In the middle section, some vans have room for three seats at the front. However, the middle seat can be a bit cramped, so if you're spending a workday with colleagues, you'll be in luck. Payloads range from 900kg to around 1,200kg and internal load lengths are typically around 2,200mm. Vans in this segment include the Citroen Dispatch, Ford Transit Custom, Peugeot Expert and Vauxhall Vivaro. Large vans are the largest light commercial vehicles that most people can drive with a standard licence, and have a load capacity of around 1,100kg. More than 1500 kg. It should be noted that the total gross weight must be less than 3500kg for the driver to be considered legal. Examples of such vans include models such as the Citroen Relay, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Vauxhall Movano or Volkswagen Crafter. length and height, so buyers will rarely find their exact needs not met.Click here to search for vans in our ad

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Double Cab/Estate

The Double Cab (or Kombi) is the best of both worlds in the light commercial vehicle segment. Capable of transporting up to seven people in two rows and with a nice loading dock, it's the best choice for anyone who needs a team on the job.
Double cabs can be any size, from minivans like the Citroen Berlingo to larger vans like the Volkswagen Crafter. However, the placement of the second-row seats has a noticeable impact on practicality—in addition to losing a lot of luggage space, the extra weight of the seats and doors also reduces overall payload. Therefore, they seem to be suitable for those who do not need to carry heavy tools, such as gardeners or decorators.Click here to search Passenger Cars/Combined Cars in our classifieds

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Which type of van body is right for me? |Autotrader (5)

Dump truck/warehouse

Many van manufacturers offer a basic vehicle consisting of a cab and a basic rear platform to which different bodies can be attached to perform specific tasks. Sometimes they are provided by aftermarket companies, sometimes by manufacturers.
Dump trucks and dump trucks are common bodies that look basically the same. They're flat beds without covers that are roomier and more functional than those found in pickup trucks, both in appearance and function. These names hint at their uniqueness. The tailgate has hinged sides so it folds down to access the loading ramp and allows for quick and easy loading and unloading of heavy tools and more. But the downside is that this setup lacks security. This dump truck also features an open compartment, which is ideal for transporting goods that require fast, trouble-free stacking. A hydraulic lift system raises the front of the bed to an angle of approximately 45 degrees, making it easy to push loads off the back. Hydraulic systems add weight, which affects the overall payload of the vehicle.Click here to search Vans Dropside in our classifieds

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you are in london

If you need to haul lighter loads that are too large for the average van, Luton bodies can help. Claimed to be designed to carry a large number of hats, the Luton was a large box-shaped body that jutted above the cabin, providing ample space for internal transport.
Luton wagons are still subject to the same gross vehicle weight regulations and permits as standard vans, so they cannot be used to haul huge, heavy loads, but are especially popular with those who need to haul oddly shaped or very large items. For example, they are popular with moving companies or delivery companies. For easier loading and unloading of these bulky items from the rear, Lutons are often fitted with an electric tailgate lift. The lower part of the rear "door" folds down and can be lowered to the floor so you can transport the stroller. Simply press a button to raise it back to the level of the dock leveler and push the cart into the van.Click here to search Luton vans in our classifieds Ads

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curtain side

Curtain side vans offer many of the same advantages as Luton vans – more cargo space than box vans, often with a raised platform for easy loading and unloading.
As the name suggests, the sides of the van are covered with a canvas material and secured from the bottom with a number of fasteners. The downside is obvious - they offer less security than a standard dash or Luton body, since thieves can easily gain access to the cargo area. However, this easy access also makes the curtain side an attractive prospect. Using an entire storage box is great if you need to move a lot of cargo during the day. Just make sure the vehicle is either empty or securely locked and out of sight and out of reach for overnight stays.Click here to search Curtain Side Vans in our classifieds Ads


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